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1 © AVM GmbH 2004-2009. All rights reserved. www.avm.de
3 This documentation and the relevant programs (both herein referred to
4 as "Software") are protected by copyright.
6 Software is delivered in machine-readable format only (object code
7 format). Under all AVM intellectual property rights, AVM hereby grants
8 licensee the non-exclusive right to use the Software. Unless agreed
9 for a limited time period, the right to use the Software is for an
10 unlimited time period. Licensee shall be entitled to make a copy
11 exclusively reserved for personal backup purposes (backup copy).
12 Unless granted by mandatory law (including but not limited to Art. 69
13 German Copyright Act for decompiling), licensee shall not be entitled
14 to modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, decompile or otherwise alter
15 the Software in whole or in part. AVM reserves all intellectual
16 property rights except as expressly granted herein. Licensee shall not
17 be entitled to modify or delete alpha-numerical or other
18 identification codes on data median and shall transfer such
19 identification codes onto any legal backup copy. Without the prior
20 written approval of AVM, licensee shall not be entitled to transmit
21 any infomation made available herein.
23 If licensee has received the Software not for commercial puposes of
24 resale (end user), licensee shall be obliged to transmit the right to
25 use the Software to a third party only in connection with the product
26 licensee acquired together with the Software. In the event that
27 licensee transfers the right to use the Software to a third party,
28 licensee shall ensure not to grant further rights to this third party
29 than originally granted to AVM, and licensee shall ensure to impose
30 this third party the obligations of the present license terms. In such
31 case, licensee shall not withhold any backup copy. Licensee shall not
32 be entitled to grant sublicenses. In the event licensee transmits the
33 Software to a third party, licensee shall be responsible for and shall
34 release AVM insofar from the compliance of export control laws and
35 obligations.
37 If and insofar AVM provides Software for which AVM is only granted a
38 derived right to use (Third Party Software), the license terms for
39 such Third Party Software shall additionally apply and prevail. If and
40 insofar certain Third Party Software in object code format by Texas
41 Instrument („TI Software“) is provided together with this Software,
42 licensee may only distribute such TI Software pursuant to a written
43 license agreement which restricts use to TI Software embedded in the
44 AVM hardware product licensee acquired together with the Software and
45 prohibits (unless granted by mandatory law) copying, reverse
46 engineering, decompiling or disassembling of TI Software. If Open
47 Source Software is provided, the license terms for such Open Source
48 Software shall additionally apply and prevail. AVM shall provide
49 licensee with the corresponding source code of relevant Open Source
50 Software, if the respective license terms of the Open Source Software
51 include such obligation. AVM shall inform if the Software contains
52 Third Party Software and/or Open Source Software and make available
53 the corresponding license terms on request.
55 This Software has been produced with all due care and checked for
56 correctness in accordance with state of the art. AVM hereby disclaims
57 all liability and warranties, whether express or implied, relating to
58 this Software’s quality, performance or suitability for any specific
59 purpose which deviates from the performance specifications contained
60 in the Software description. AVM shall not be liable for damages
61 arising directly or indirectly from the use of the manual or related
62 software, nor for incidental or consequential damages, except in case
63 of intent or gross negligence. AVM expressly disclaims all liability
64 for loss of or damage to hardware, software or data as a result of
65 direct or indirect errors or destruction and for any costs, including
66 ISDN, GSM and DSL connection charges, related to the Software supplied
67 and due to incorrect installations not performed by AVM itself.
69 AVM shall not be obliged to offer any software services. The
70 information in this Software is subject to change without notice for
71 the purpose of technical improvement.
73 AVM offers a manufacturer's warranty for this original product. The
74 conditions of this warranty are contained in the WARRANTY.PDF file in
75 the SOFTWARE/INFO folder on the product CD included with delivery.
77 Trademarks: Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks mentioned are
78 legally protected trademarks owned by AVM GmbH. This is especially
79 true for product names and logos. Microsoft, Windows and the Windows
80 logo are trademarks owned by Microsoft Corporation in the USA and/or
81 other countries. All other product and company names are trademarks of
82 their respective owners.

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