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Add Alasir license. Required for ramspeed

2 The Alasir Licence
5 This is a free software. It's provided as-is and carries absolutely no
6 warranty or responsibility by the author and the contributors, neither in
7 general nor in particular. No matter if this software is able or unable to
8 cause any damage to your or third party's computer hardware, software, or any
9 other asset available, neither the author nor a separate contributor may be
10 found liable for any harm or its consequences resulting from either proper or
11 improper use of the software, even if advised of the possibility of certain
12 injury as such and so forth.
14 The software isn't a public domain, it's a copyrighted one. In no event
15 shall the author's or a separate contributor's copyright be denied or violated
16 otherwise. No copyright may be removed unless together with the code
17 contributed to the software by a holder of the respective copyright. A
18 copyright itself indicates the rights of ownership over the code contributed.
19 Back and forth, the author is defined as the one who holds the oldest
20 copyright over the software. Furthermore, the software is defined as either
21 source or binary computer code, which is organised in the form of a single
22 computer file usually.
24 The software (the whole or a part of it) is prohibited from being sold or
25 leased in any form or manner with the only possible exceptions:
27 a) money may be charged for a physical medium used to transfer the software;
28 b) money may be charged for optional warranty or support services related to
29 the software.
31 Nevertheless, if the software (the whole or a part of it) is desired to
32 become an object of sale or lease (the whole or a part of it), then a separate
33 non-exclusive licence agreement must be negotiated from the author. Benefits
34 accrued should be distributed between the contributors or likewise at the
35 author's option.
37 Whenever and wherever the software is distributed, in either source or
38 binary form, either in whole or in part, it must include the complete
39 unchanged text of this licence agreement unless different conditions have been
40 negotiated. In case of a binary-only distribution, the names of the copyright
41 holders must be mentioned in the documentation supplied with the software.
42 This is supposed to protect rights and freedom of those who have contributed
43 their time and labour to free software development, because otherwise the
44 development itself and this licence agreement are of a very little sense.
46 Nothing else but this licence agreement grants you rights to use, modify
47 and distribute the software. Any violation of this licence agreement is
48 recognised as an action prohibited by an applicable legislation.

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