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1 vapier 1.1 Blender License 1.0 (the "BL", see http://www.blender.org/BL/ ).
3     Copyright (C) 2002 Blender Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
5     For teams that don't want to operate under the GPL, we're also offering
6     this "non-GPL" Blender License option. This means that you can download
7     the latest sources and tools via FTP or CVS from our site and sign an
8     additional agreement with the Blender Foundation, so you can keep your
9     source modifications confidential. Contact the Blender Foundation via
10     email at license@blender.org so we can discuss how we handle the
11     practical matters.
13     A signed agreement allows you to do business with proprietary code, make
14     special derived versions, sell executables, projects or services,
15     provided that:
17     1. The BL-ed code remains copyrighted by the original owners, and cannot
18     be transferred to other parties
20     2. The BL-ed code cannot be published or re-distributed in any way, and
21     only be available for the internal staff that works directly on the
22     software itself. Employees of partners with which you co-develop on the
23     projects that include BL-ed code are considered 'internal staff' also.
25     3. The BL-ed code can be used (sold, distributed) in parts or in its
26     whole only as an executable or as a compiled library/module and its
27     header files.
29     4. The usage of the name Blender or the Blender logo is not included in
30     this license. Instead 'including Blender Foundation release X' (or
31     similar) can be used, with 'X' the version number of the initial Blender
32     Foundation release which you started with.
34     5. Note that this BL has no authority over some of the external
35     libraries licenses which Blender links with.
37     Additionally you get :
39     1. The right to use Blender Foundation source updates for a 1 year
40     period.
42     2. Support. Details to be determined by the additional agreement.
44     You are invited to donate your proprietary changes back to the open
45     source community after a reasonable time period. You are of course free
46     to choose not to do this.
48     End of BL terms and conditions.

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