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1 Correcting legal consequences of our mistake in Emacs 23.2 and 23.3
2 http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/info-gnu-emacs/2011-08/msg00003.html
4 The FSF hereby grants permission to distribute the old Emacs 23.2 and
5 23.3 releases, notwithstanding the absence therein of the real source
6 files for the CEDET parsers (the grammar files). This permission
7 extends to versions with unrelated modifications, provided those
8 versions comply with GNU GPL version 3 in all other respects.
10 Thanks to some of the improvements in GPL version 3, we don't need to
11 explicitly forgive past violations caused by redistributing Emacs 23.2
12 and 23.3, because those violations would only have consequences for
13 the redistributors if the FSF were to complain about them to the
14 redistributors within 60 days of such redistribution. The FSF commits
15 not to complain about this problem.
17 The FSF urges all redistributors to upgrade as soon as possible to the
18 revised Emacs 23.2 and 23.3 releases, now in ftp.gnu.org, which do not
19 have this problem. The corrected files have 23.2a and 23.3a in their
20 names.

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