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3 Copyright and distribution
5 The program "Frodo", this manual and the source code may be freely
6 distributed as long as they remain unchanged (archiving and packing is
7 allowed) and all files are included. You must not make any profit by
8 selling Frodo, especially the price of a disk containing Frodo may not
9 exceed US$ 5,- (or equivalent amounts in other currencies). Please feel
10 free to distribute Frodo via bulletin board systems and networks and as
11 part of shareware/freeware CD-ROMs.
13 Anyone using this program agrees to incur the risk of using it for himself.
14 In no way can the author be held responsible for any damage directly or
15 indirectly caused by the use or misuse of this manual and/or the program.
17 The rights on the source code remain at the author. It may not - not even
18 in parts - used for commercial purposes without explicit written permission
19 by the author. Permission to use it for non-commercial purposes is hereby
20 granted als long as my copyright notice remains in the program. You are not
21 allowed to use the source to create and distribute a modified version of
22 Frodo.
24 Frodo is not designed, intended, or authorized for use as a component in
25 systems intended for surgical implant within the body, or other
26 applications intended to support or sustain life, or for any other
27 application in which the failure of Frodo could create a situation where
28 personal injury or death may occur.

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