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1 IDEA Non-Commercial License [Produc2.jpg]
3 Licenses for Non-Commercial use
5 Developer, Research, Freeware & Shareware Licenses
6 MediaCrypt grants developers a non-exclusive, non-transferable,
7 royalty-free license for the development phase of any products
8 containing the IDEA algorithm. MediaCrypt highly recommends developers
9 register with MediaCrypt. Please contact us for registration. Once
10 registered at MediaCrypt developers are put on a mailing list
11 providing the latest news on the IDEA algorithm.
13 Special offer for shareware developers:
15 Selling any software and/or hardware containing the algorithm is
16 subject to a product license. However, there is a special waiver for
17 shareware developers. Such waiver eliminates the up front fees as well
18 as royalties for the first USD 10,000 gross sales of the product
19 containing the algorithm, if and only if:
21 a) The product is being sold for a minimum of USD 10.00
22 and a maximum of USD 50.00.
24 b) The source code for the shareware product is available to
25 the public. Beyond USD 10,000 gross sales from the
26 shareware product the standard terms and conditions for
27 product licenses shall apply.
29 Free use for private purposes:
31 The free use of software and/or hardware containing the algorithm is
32 strictly limited to non revenue generating data transfer between
33 private individuals, i.e., not serving commercial purposes. Requests
34 by freeware developers to obtain a royalty-free license to spread an
35 application program containing the algorithm not for commercial
36 purposes must be directed to MediaCrypt.
38 Special conditions applicable for European research projects:
40 The use of the IDEA algorithm in European research projects is free,
41 provided that it serves the purpose of such project and within the
42 project duration. Any use of the algorithm after termination of a
43 project, including activities resulting from a project and for
44 purposes not directly related to the project, strictly requires a
45 product license or end-user license.
47 [1]Contact us for questions comments, and
48 registration
49 [ [2]top ]
51 References
53 1. mailto:idea@mediacrypt.com
54 2. http://www.mediacrypt.com/engl/Content/non_commercial.htm#top

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