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License for sci-chemistry/molden.

1 Copyright (C) 1991 CMBI.
3 Permission to copy and use the MOLDEN software and its documentation
4 for private usage, is hereby granted to non profit organisations. No
5 part of the software code may be reused without specific permission of
6 the CMBI.
8 The MOLDEN software is provided "as is" without explicit or implied
9 warranty.
11 The author should be cited in any work based on this material.
13 Commercial users (non-acedemic,for-profit organisations) are required
14 to receive authorization to download and use MOLDEN by printing,
15 completing, signing and fax-ing the COMMERCIAL_LICENSE-AGREEMENT to
16 the CMBI at Fax. nr. +31 024 3652977. This document is also available
17 as file from the CMBI Anonymous ftp site; ftp.cmbi.ru.nl

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