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Complete license text

1 Copyright © 2003-2012 by Eric J. Roode, ROODE -at- cpan -dot- org
3 All rights reserved.
5 To avoid my spam filter, please include "Perl", "module", or this module's
6 name in the message's subject line, and/or GPG-sign your message.
8 This module is copyrighted only to ensure proper attribution of authorship
9 and to ensure that it remains available to all. This module is free,
10 open-source software. This module may be freely used for any purpose,
11 commercial, public, or private, provided that proper credit is given, and
12 that no more-restrictive license is applied to derivative (not dependent)
13 works.
15 Substantial efforts have been made to ensure that this software meets high
16 quality standards; however, no guarantee can be made that there are no
17 undiscovered bugs, and no warranty is made as to suitability to any given
18 use, including merchantability. Should this module cause your house to burn
19 down, your dog to collapse, your heart-lung machine to fail, your spouse to
20 desert you, or George Bush to be re-elected, I can offer only my sincere
21 sympathy and apologies, and promise to endeavor to improve the software.

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