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Wed Jul 31 17:31:23 2002 UTC (15 years, 9 months ago) by stubear
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License file for app-i18n/xcin

1 stubear 1.1 XCIN ª©Åv«Å§i
4     XCIN ¬O¤@­Ó¦Û¥Ñ³nÅé¡A¥]§t¥Dµ{¦¡»P¥~¨Óµ{¦¡½X¨â³¡¤À¡C¥Dµ{¦¡³¡¤À¥D­n¥Ñ XCIN
5     ¤p²Õ©Ò¼¶¼g»PºûÅ@¡A±z¥i¥H¦b GNU General Public License (½Ð¨£ COPYING ¤@¤å)
6     ªº³W½d¤U´²§G¡B­×§ï¡B¨Ï¥Î XCIN ¥Dµ{¦¡­ì©l½X¡C¦Ü©ó¥~¨Óµ{¦¡½X³¡¤À¡A¨ä­ì©l§@ªÌ
7     ¨Ã«D XCIN ¤p²Õ¡A³o¨Çµ{¦¡½X¬Oª½±µ¤Þ¥Î¦Û¨ä¥Lªº¦Û¥Ñ³nÅé®M¥ó¡A¸g¹L­×§ï«á¥H¾A¦X
8     XCIN ¨Ï¥Î¡C¥¦­Ì¦U¦Û¦³¦Û¤vªºª©Åv«Å§i¡A¥B¨äª©Åv«Å§i¤º®e¥ç¦P·N»P XCIN ¥Dµ{¦¡
9     ½X¤@¦P´²§G»P¨Ï¥Î¡C¬G¦pªG±z·Q­n¦U§O´²§G¡B­×§ï¡B¨Ï¥Î³o¨Ç¥~¨Óµ{¦¡½Xªº¸Ü¡A½Ð±z
10     ¦Û¦æ¤U¸ü¥¦­Ìªº­ì©lª©¥»¡A¨Ã¿í·Ó¨ä­ì¦³ªºª©Åv«Å§i»P³W½d¡C³oÃþ¥~¨Óµ{¦¡½X¥]¬A:
12     1. IMdkit: (ftp://xcin.linux.org.tw/pub/xcin/misc/IMdkit.tar.gz)
13     a. src/lib/IMdkit/ ¤Î¨ä©³¤U©Ò¦³ÀɮסC
14     b. src/xim_IC.c: ª½±µ­×§ï¦Û IMdkit ªº½d¨Òµ{¦¡¡C
15     c. src/include/IC.h: ª½±µ­×§ï¦Û IMdkit ªº½d¨Òµ{¦¡¡C
17     2. siod: (http://people.delphi.com/gjc/siod.html,
18     ftp://xcin.linux.org.tw/pub/xcin/misc/siod.tar.gz)
19     src/lib/siod/ ¤Î¨ä©³¤U©Ò¦³ÀɮסC
21     ¦Ó°£¤F¤W­zªº¥~¨Óµ{¦¡½X¥H¥~ªÌ¡A§¡ÄÝ XCIN ¥Dµ{¦¡½X¡C
23     ¥t¥~¡A src/include/module.h »P src/include/xcintool.h ©w¸q¤F XCIN ªº¿é¤Jªk
24     ¼Ò²Õ»P¬ÛÃö¤u¨ã¨ç¦¡ªº·¾³q¤¶­±»P¸ê®Æµ²ºc¡A¥¦­Ì°£¤F¥i¥H¦b GNU General Public
25     License ªº³W½d¤U´²§G¡B­×§ï¡B¨Ï¥Î¥H¥~¡A¦pªG±zÄ@·N¬° XCIN ¼¶¼g·sªº¿é¤Jªk¼Ò²Õ¡A
26     ±z¥i¥H¥H¥ô¦ó§Î¦¡¦Û¥Ñ¤Þ¥Î³o¨â­ÓÀɪº¤º®e¡A¦Ó¤£·|¼vÅT±zªºµ{¦¡­ì¦³ªºª©Åv«Å§i¡C
27     ¸Ô¨£¥¦­Ì¶}ÀYªºª©ÅvÁn©ú¡C
29     §Ú­Ì§Æ±æ XCIN ªº´²§G¡A¯à¨Ï¥¦¦¨¬°¦³¥Îªºµ{¦¡¡A¦ý¨S¦³¥ô¦ó«OÃÒ¡A¦pªG±z¤£©¯¦]¬°
30     ¨Ï¥Î XCIN ³y¦¨¥ô¦ó§Î¦¡ªº·l¥¢¡A§Ú­Ì¤£­t¥ô¦óªk«ß³d¥ô¡C¬ÛÃöªº±ø¤å²Ó¸`¡A½Ð±z°Ñ
31     ¦Ò GNU General Public License, COPYING ¤@¤åªº¤º®e¡C
34     ============================================================================
36     Copyright (C) 1999 XCIN Team, Taiwan
38     XCIN is a free software. It contains the "main program" and the "external
39     source" parts. The "main program" part is mainly maintained by the XCIN
40     Team. You can redistribute, modify, and use the source code of XCIN "main
41     program" part under the guideline of GNU General Public License (see the
42     document COPYING for details). For the "external source" part, it is not
43     originally written by the XCIN Team. These source codes are adopted directly
44     from other free (Freedom) software packages and are modified such that they
45     are suitable for XCIN usage. They have their own license and copyright, and
46     their license announcements also permit to be redistributed and used with
47     the XCIN "main program". Hence if you want to redistribute, modify, or use
48     these "external source" respectively, please download their original versions
49     and follow their original license announcement and guideline. These "external
50     source" includes
52     1. IMdkit: (ftp://xcin.linux.org.tw/pub/xcin/misc/IMdkit.tar.gz)
53     a. src/lib/IMdkit/ and all the files and directories below.
54     b. src/xim_IC.c: which is modified from the IMdkit example program.
55     c. src/include/IC.h: which is modified from the IMdkit example program.
57     2. siod: (http://people.delphi.com/gjc/siod.html,
58     ftp://xcin.linux.org.tw/pub/xcin/misc/siod.tar.gz)
59     src/lib/siod/ and all the files and directories below.
61     Besides the "external source" mentioned above, all the others are belong
62     the XCIN "main program".
64     Besides, the two header files src/include/module.h and src/include/xcintool.h
65     define the interface and data structers of IM (Input Method) module of XCIN
66     and some other related tool functions. They can be redistributed, modified,
67     and used under the terms of GNU General Public License, and in addition if
68     you want to write new IM modules for XCIN, you can freely adopt the contents
69     of the two files in any form, and the adoption will not affect the original
70     license terms of your program. Please see the license notes in the head of
71     them for details.
73     XCIN is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
74     WARRANTY. If unfortranatly you get any loss by using XCIN, we will not
75     take any responsability in law. For detailed guideline, please check the
76     GNU General Public License, the document "COPYING".

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