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Tue Jan 1 22:04:14 2013 UTC (4 years, 8 months ago) by ulm
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Fix wording of disclaimer, as suggested in #gentoo-trustees.

1 All rights reserved.
3 This package has an explicit "all rights reserved" clause, or comes
4 without any license, or only with a disclaimer. This means that you
5 have only the rights that are granted to you by law. If you have
6 lawfully acquired a copy of the program (e.g., by buying it or by
7 downloading it from the author's site) then in many legislations you
8 are allowed to compile it, run it, make a backup, and to patch it as
9 necessary, without permission from the copyright holder.
11 Redistribution of the program is not allowed.
13 Disclaimer: Presumably, the above applies to the United States and
14 countries in the European Union at least. However, it is your own
15 responsibility to obey your country's laws.

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