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1 The graphics database and chart display routines
2 used in this program are Copyright (C) 1991-1998 by Walter D. Pullen
3 (Astara@msn.com, http://www.magitech.com/~cruiser1/astrolog.htm).
4 Permission is granted to freely use and distribute these routines
5 provided one doesn't sell, restrict, or profit from them in any way.
6 Modification is allowed provided these notices remain with any
7 altered or edited versions of the program.
9 The main planetary calculation routines used in this program have
10 been Copyrighted and the core of this program is basically a
11 conversion to C of the routines created by James Neely as listed in
12 Michael Erlewine's 'Manual of Computer Programming for Astrologers',
13 available from Matrix Software. The copyright gives us permission to
14 use the routines for personal use but not to sell them or profit from
15 them in any way.
17 The PostScript code within the core graphics routines are programmed
18 and Copyright (C) 1992-1993 by Brian D. Willoughby. Conditions are
19 identical to those above.
21 The extended accurate ephemeris databases and formulas are from the
22 calculation routines in the program "Placalc" and are programmed and
23 Copyright (C) 1989,1991,1993 by Astrodienst AG and Alois Treindl
24 The use of that source code is subject to regulations made by
25 Astrodienst Zurich, and the code is not in the public domain. This
26 copyright notice must not be changed or removed by any user of this
27 program.

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