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1 Copyright Notice
2 Bonnie is Copyright © Tim Bray, 1990-96
4 Everybody is hereby granted rights to use, copy, and modify Bonnie, provided only that this copyright notice and the warning below are preserved without change.
5 Warning
7 Bonnie is provided AS IS with no warranty of any kind, and
9 Tim Bray makes no representation with respect to the adequacy of this program for any particular purpose or with respect to its adequacy to produce any particular result, and
11 Tim Bray shall not be liable for loss or damage arising out of the use of Bonnie regardless of how sustained, and
13 In no event shall Tim Bray be liable for special, direct, indirect or consequential damage, loss, costs or fees or expenses of any nature or kind.
14 Moral Obligation
16 It is Tim Bray's opinion that anyone who makes use of Bonnie thus incurs a moral obligation, in the interest of making Bonnie and the results of using Bonnie more widely available, to do the following:
18 1. If possible, transmit to Tim Bray any compiled binary versions of Bonnie for which an equivalent does not exist on the Web site
19 2. If possible, to transmit to Tim Bray the results of Bonnie runs, along with enough information about the run to make the numbers useful to others.
21 Tim Bray warrants that:
23 1. On request, he will take all reasonable measures to protect the privacy of anyone who wishes to submit binaries or results
24 2. He will never take any positive action, aside from this statement, to compel anyone to act according to this perception of their moral obligations.

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