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License for alephone games

1 tupone 1.1 From the original Marathon Trilogy Box Set License-
3     (c) 1997 Bungie Software Products Corporation
4     All Rights Reserved. PO Box 7877, Chicago, IL 60680-7877
5     Marathon is a trademark of Bungie Software Products Corporation
6     All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.
8     From http://trilogyrelease.bungie.org/faq.html
10     Q: Hey, I thought Marathon needed serial numbers!
11     A: The versions released with the Trilogy Box Set were stripped of the serial number code. These will work fine - as long as you're not trying to play with folks who are using older versions.
13     Q: Wow... can I do whatever I want with this stuff?
14     A: NO. Bungie still holds the copyrights to these files. They're allowing them to be distributed for free (mostly because you can't buy them any more) - but they're still Bungie's intellectual property. You can't, for example, sell them.
16     I really want more info about Marathon, and running it on my computer! Where can I go?
17     There are a number of sites devoted to this game:
19     * Marathon Open Source is the grandfather of Aleph One sites
20     - http://source.bungie.org/
21     * Aleph One/SDL is devoted to... well, Aleph One/SDL
22     - http://www.uni-mainz.de/~bauec002/A1Main.html
23     * OrbitalArm was set up to help Windows players play Marathon
24     - http://orbitalarm.bungie.org/
25     * AlephOne has a SourceForge site
26     - http://sourceforge.net/projects/marathon/
27     * Fileball and The Archives contain many Aleph One files
28     - http://fileball.net/marathon/
29     - http://archives.bungie.org/
31     NOTE: Until we get something more concrete, I'm marking any builds that depend on this license- RESTRICT="nomirror"

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