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1 Clean License Conditions
3 Clean is available under a dual license:
4 1 The LGPL the standard GNU Lesser General Open Source license (see below),
5 which is free, but
6 available for non-commercial purposes only.
7 2 A commercial license (see below) that must be purchased. Information on that
8 license can be obtained
9 from Prof.dr.ir. M.J. Plasmeijer, preferably via email: rinus@cs.kun.nl.
11 Note, that development under the LGPL license entails some restrictions and
12 responsibilities. More
13 information on the nature of the LGPL is available at www.gnu.org and
14 www.opensource.org.
15 Users can choose which they wish to operate under. However, for commercial
16 applications the
17 LGPL license is not available. Instead, developers wishing to distribute
18 commercial applications
19 (either publicly or privately) must purchase a commercial license.
21 Commercial purposes are those involving money (excluding the costs for
22 distributing and copying):
23 for example:
24 - selling software that uses directly or indirectly the source code of the Clean
25 system or
26 portions thereof;
27 - selling services based on software that uses directly or indirectly the source
28 code of the
29 Clean system, or portions thereof;
30 - using software that uses directly or indirectly the source code of the Clean
31 system, or
32 portions thereof, to examine, manage, measure or report the performance of a
33 business.
35 Warning
36 Developers who distribute commercial applications, either publicly or privately,
37 that are written using
38 the Clean system, who do not have a commercial license are in breach of these
39 license conditions
40 and of US and International copyright law. The penalties for such breaches are
41 quite severe, and
42 offenders will be prosecuted.
44 Note
45 For a few parts of the Clean system the sources are not available yet. In
46 particular, this concerns the
47 alpha release of Sparkle. It is the intention that for
48 these parts the sources
49 will be available soon under these license conditions. For the time being, these
50 parts of the Clean
51 system are available under the old Clean license conditions (see below) only.
53 December 21, 2001.
55 OLD Clean License Conditions
56 ============================
58 The Concurrent Clean Compiler and the Concurrent Clean Program
59 Development System are developed by the Research Group on Functional
60 Programming Languages at the University of Nijmegen (copyright
61 University of Nijmegen, Hilt High Level Software Tools B.V. , 1987-2000).
63 The Clean Software can be used free of charge only if it is used for
64 non-profit purposes in a non-commercial environment, i.e. for
65 educational or research purposes in a non-profit institute or for
66 personal, non-commercial use. For this kind of use it is allowed to
67 copy the software under the condition that the complete distribution
68 (see the Clean Distribution page) for a certain platform is copied,
69 including this license condition, copyright notice, language manual,
70 help file, the compiler, the code generator and the development system.
71 Under the same conditions it is allowed to re-distribute the system. We
72 appreciate it very much if you would inform us when you copy or
73 redistribute the system.
75 For ANY use of Clean with a commercial purpose or in a commercial
76 environment a commercial license is needed.
78 For a commercial license one has to contact Rinus Plasmeijer either via
79 the registration form
81 http://www.cs.kun.nl/~clean/Clean.Registration.html
83 or via e-mail
85 mailto:rinus@cs.kun.nl
87 or
89 Department of Computer Science
90 University of Nijmegen
91 Toernooiveld 1
92 6525 ED Nijmegen
93 tel: +31 80 652644
94 fax: +31 80 652525.
97 The Clean Software is distributed via ftp:
99 ftp://ftp.cs.kun.nl/pub/Clean
101 More information about Clean is also available on the World Wide Web:
103 http://www.cs.kun.nl/~clean
105 Versions of Concurrent Clean are available for several platforms.

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