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Thu Mar 11 18:49:43 2004 UTC (14 years, 2 months ago) by usata
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cmigemo license changed from 1.2 release

1 usata 1.1 This translation is informal, and *not* officially approved by The Maintainer
2     as valid. To be completely sure of what is permitted, refer to the original
3     Japanese license file in /usr/share/doc/cmigemo-${PV}/LICENSE_j.txt.
6     The meanings of each term are defined as following.
7     This Software : C/Migemo (including binary files and source code,
8     excluding data of dictionaries)
9     Illegal Actions : Actions which are different from descriptions in
10     document or which are not in document
11     The Maintainer : An individual who posses This Software
12     (The Creator, The Copyright Holder)
13     (At the time when these conditions are created:
14     MURAOKA Taro <koron@tka.att.ne.jp>)
15     End User : An individual who uses or used This Software
16     Third Parties : Other individuals who do not correspond to neither
17     The Maintainer nor End User
18     (Especially including creators and copyright holders
19     of data of dictionaries)
21     The use of This Software is permitted to only those who accept the following
22     conditions. If End User does not agree to them, he must stop using This
23     Software and must delete related files from his storage media.
25     (Conditions concerning to The Maintainer)
26     The Maintainer has the right to change these conditions.
28     The Maintainer has the following rights concerning to This Software.
29     - The right to modify this software
30     - The right to distribute This Software
31     - The right to permit use of This Software
32     - The right to transfer some or all of the above rights
34     The Maintainer has the obligation to correct Illegal Actions of This
35     Software.
37     The Maintainer is immuned from the loss which End Users had or the damage
38     which End Users suffered.
40     (Conditions according to End Users)
41     End Users have the following obligations when using This Software.
42     - The obligation to pay charge according to the regulations laid
43     down separately.
44     - The obligation to protect the rights of The Maintainer
45     - The obligation to protect the rights of Third Parties
47     End Users have the right to use This Software for any purpose as long as
48     there is no contradiction to other conditions.
50     (Condition according to royalty)
51     The charge for using This Software is laid down as following:
52     - zero Yen
54     (End Of Conditions)
55     If End User does not agree to the above conditions, he must stop using This
56     Software.

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