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3 * Jess, the Java Expert System Shell is Copyright \x{00A9} 2003 by Sandia National Laboratories.
4 * Jess software, owned by Sandia National Laboratories, will be made available upon request at no cost to U.S. Federal Government Agencies for their own internal use. Sandia will also provide Jess upon request to Universities, Academic Institutions, and other U.S. National Laboratories, for their own internal research and development, through a no cost, restricted R&D license. Any other individual, internal or commercial use of Jess requires that you purchase a license.
5 * Our commercial license will grant your company, the LICENSEE, a nontransferable, nonexclusive right to use Jess Software to create derivative works by embedding Jess into your product(s) and to copy and distribute Jess software as embedded into your Product(s). Jess commercial licenes can be negotiated as a running royalty or a fully paid up-front fee.
6 * Jess is also available for the individual user in a low-cost Home Office Edition.
7 * Note: Jess is not licensed under the GPL, the LPGL, the BSD license, or any other free software or open source license. Redistribution of the Jess source code under any free software or open source license is prohibited under this agreement.
8 * For appropriate commercial, individual or academic licenses, please contact Craig Smith email: casmith@sandia.gov .

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