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Wed Dec 12 08:11:12 2012 UTC (6 years, 11 months ago) by ulm
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Add psutils license for app-text/psutils, bug 440938.

1 The constituent files of this package listed below are copyright (C) 1991-1995
2 Angus J. C. Duggan.
4 LICENSE Makefile.msc Makefile.nt Makefile.os2
5 Makefile.unix README config.h descrip.mms
6 epsffit.c epsffit.man extractres.man extractres.pl
7 fixdlsrps.man fixdlsrps.pl fixfmps.man fixfmps.pl
8 fixmacps.man fixmacps.pl fixpsditps.man fixpsditps.pl
9 fixpspps.man fixpspps.pl fixscribeps.man fixscribeps.pl
10 fixtpps.man fixtpps.pl fixwfwps.man fixwfwps.pl
11 fixwpps.man fixwpps.pl fixwwps.man fixwwps.pl
12 getafm getafm.man includeres.man includeres.pl
13 maketext patchlev.h psbook.c psbook.man
14 pserror.c pserror.h psmerge.man psmerge.pl
15 psnup.c psnup.man psresize.c psresize.man
16 psselect.c psselect.man psspec.c psspec.h
17 pstops.c pstops.man psutil.c psutil.h
18 showchar
20 They may be copied and used for any purpose (including distribution as part of
21 a for-profit product), provided:
23 1) The original attribution of the programs is clearly displayed in the product
24 and/or documentation, even if the programs are modified and/or renamed as
25 part of the product.
27 2) The original source code of the programs is provided free of charge (except
28 for reasonable distribution costs). For a definition of reasonable
29 distribution costs, see the Gnu General Public License or Larry Wall's
30 Artistic License (provided with the Perl 4 kit). The GPL and Artistic
31 License in NO WAY affect this license; they are merely used as examples of
32 the spirit in which it is intended.
34 3) These programs are provided "as-is". No warranty or guarantee of their
35 fitness for any particular task is provided. Use of these programs is
36 completely at your own risk.
38 Basically, I don't mind how you use the programs so long as you acknowledge
39 the author, and give people the originals if they want them.

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