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Thu May 30 15:27:15 2013 UTC (6 years, 7 months ago) by ulm
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License for games-fps/quake1-textures, bug 470980.

1 ulm 1.1 What is the license on the QRP textures and can I use the textures for
2     commercial as well as non-commercial usage?
4     The textures are copyright by their respective authors and, collectively,
5     this project. These textures are free to use in any project, be it
6     commercial or non-commercial, on the condition that the work or the
7     derivative product mentions the URL (http://qrp.quakeone.com) and name of
8     this project (Quake Revitalization Project) in the credits. In case your
9     project does not have a suitable credits section, you must include with
10     your product a file titled "read-me" or "licensing". No exceptions. For
11     any further questions, contact us.

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