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1 ----------------------------------COPYRIGHT NOTICE---------------------------------/
4 © Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and Cedric Notredame ( Fri Aug 20 12:26:44 MDT 2004).
5 All rights reserved.
7 This documents describes the licensing
8 conditions of the T-COFFEE software (Otherwise
9 indicated as the software in the rest of this
10 document) from the Centre National de la Recherche
11 Scientifique (Otherwise indicated as the OWNER
12 in the rest of this document).
14 IMPORTANT NOTICE: This software and its associated
15 documentation are the copyright works of the OWNER,
16 which has responsibility for the OWNER intellectual
17 property. Use of the software and documentation is
18 governed by the terms of the Academic Licence Agreement
19 set out below. You will not be able to install the software
20 unless you first agree to those terms. If you accept
21 the terms of the Licence Agreement, proceed with the
22 installation of the software, otherwise abort it.
24 The software and its associated documentation are
25 made available on the following terms, free of charge
26 to academic end-users and solely for the purposes of
27 their own academic research. Commercial or other
28 non-academic use is permitted on the terms of a Commercial
29 Licence Agreement and subject to payment of agreed charges.
30 Commercial or other non-academic users are not
31 permitted to download from this site, and should
32 contact the author for details of access conditions.
34 The OWNER grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable
35 licence to use the software and its associated documentation
36 for academic research purposes. You will not use them
37 for any other purpose.
39 You will not sub-license, loan, hire, transfer or
40 otherwise supply the software or its associated documentation
41 or the access password to any other person.
43 You will not copy or post the software or its associated
44 documentation to any other computer, computer network or
45 server or broadcast it in any media. You will not copy the
46 software or its associated documentation except to the extent
47 required for lawful use or back-up purposes.
49 You will not adapt, modify, merge, translate, reverse engineer,
50 decompile or dissassemble the software, except to the extent
51 permitted by applicable law.
53 You will hold the contents of the software and its associated
54 documentation in confidence and not disclose any part of it to
55 any other person without the prior written permission
56 of the OWNER.
58 In any reports or publications you make or contribute to based
59 on your use of the software, you will acknowledge the contribution
60 of the OWNER.
62 The software, its associated documentation and the copyright in them
63 belong exclusively to the OWNER and all rights in them are reserved to
64 the OWNER except as expressly provided in this Licence Agreement.
66 The software its associated documentation are supplied "AS IS"
67 for experimental purposes and at your own risk. The OWNER makes no
68 warranty and gives no undertaking as to the quality, merchantability
69 or fitness for purpose of the software, its correspondence with any
70 description, the OWNER's title to the software, that the software its
71 associated documentation is free from error or defect, or has been
72 developed with reasonable care or skill, or that its use will not
73 infringe any copyright, patent, trade mark or other third party
74 rights, and all terms implied by law are excluded to the fullest
75 extent permitted by law.
77 The OWNER will have no liability to you, whether in contract, tort
78 or otherwise, in relation to the use of the software or its associated
79 documentation, for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect, special
80 or consequential, except in the case of death or personal injury caused
81 by the OWNER negligence, and all such liability is excluded to the greatest
82 extent permitted by applicable law.
84 The licence granted under this Licence Agreement will terminate if you
85 destroy the software. The OWNER reserves the right to terminate the licence
86 in the event of a breach by you of any of the terms of this Licence Agreement.
87 This Licence Agreement is governed by French law and subject to the jurisdiction
88 of the French courts.
91 ----------------------------------COPYRIGHT NOTICE---------------------------------/

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