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1 nyhm 1.1 ------------
2     Copyright
3     ------------
7     The World of Padman is protected by copyright.
9     The copyrights belong to the respective authors of the WoP-Team.
10     All commercial use of the World of Padman and consequently the
11     single works is prohibited unless you have explicit permission from the WoP-Team.
12     This includes, but is not limited to, mass archival as on a cd-rom
13     and inclusion in commercially published compilations (books and/or magazines).
15     This includes further the prohibition of copying, changing, mirroring
16     and public reproduction in sense of a commercial use electronic or otherwise.
17     Private non-commercial copying, mirroring and even public reproduction is desired. ;-)
19     Changes to the game and consequently the single works whether commercial or not,
20     is prohibited without explicit permission.
22     Some parts of the game were created with material, (e.g. textures, Sounds)
23     which we acquired from different sources; they are free of any of third party rights
24     as far as we know. If anyone discovers we've used his / her work unlawfully,
25     contact us immediately so that we can respond as soon as possible.
27     The source code is available under the GPL license at
28     http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/wop-engine
29     For more information about the GPL see gpl.txt.
31     If you have any questions contact the WoP-Team by E-Mail:
32     ente@worldofpadman.com or team@worldofpadman.com

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