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1 mr_bones_ 1.1 (Note: This has been changed, and hopefully clarified, from the 3.00
2     version of this info. Please read it.)
4     Thank you for acquiring a copy of XV, a pretty nifty X program.
5     I hope you enjoy using it, as I've enjoyed writing it.
7     The latest version of XV (or at least a pointer to it) is available
8     via anonymous ftp on ftp.cis.upenn.edu, in the directory pub/xv. If
9     you're not sure if you have the latest version, or you are missing the
10     source or documentation for XV, PLEASE pick up the latest version of
11     the xv distribution. Do *not* send mail unless absolutely necessary
12     (ie, you don't have ftp capability).
14     Note: The documentation ('xvdocs.ps') may be installed in '/usr/local'.
16     If you're viewing this information via the 'About XV' command, and
17     you'd like to print it out, a copy of this info can be found in the
18     README file in the top-level XV source directory. Print that. If you
19     don't have it, see the previous paragraph.
22     XV Licensing Information
23     ------------------------
26     You may use XV for your own amusement, and if you find it nifty,
27     useful, generally cool, or of some value to you, your registration fee
28     would be greatly appreciated. $25 is the standard registration fee,
29     though of course, larger amounts are quite welcome. Folks who donate
30     $40 or more can receive a printed, bound copy of the XV manual for no
31     extra charge. If you want one, just ask. BE SURE TO SPECIFY THE
35     COPIES OF XV.
37     This does *not* mean that you are required to register XV just because
38     you play with it on the workstation in your office. This falls under
39     the heading of 'personal use'. If you are a sysadmin, you can put XV
40     up in a public directory for your users amusement. Again, 'personal
41     use', albeit plural.
43     On the other hand, if you use XV in the course of doing your work,
44     whatever your 'work' may happen to be, you *must* register your
45     copy of XV. (Note: If you are a student, and you use XV to do
46     classwork or research, you should get your professor/teacher/advisor
47     to purchase an appropriate number of copies.)
49     XV licenses are $25 each. You should purchase one license per
50     workstation, or one per XV user, whichever is the smaller number. XV
51     is *not* sold on a 'number of concurrent users' basis. If XV was some
52     $1000 program, yes, that would be a reasonable request, but at $25,
53     it's not. Also, given that XV is completely unlocked, there is no way
54     to enforce any 'number of concurrent users' limits, so it isn't sold
55     that way.
57     Printed and bound copies of the 100-odd page XV manual are available
58     for $15 each. Note that manuals are *only* sold with, at minimum, an
59     equal number of licenses. (e.g. if you purchase 5 licenses, you can
60     also purchase *up to* 5 copies of the manual)
62     The source code to the program can be had (as a compressed 'tar' file
63     split over a couple 3.5" MS-DOS formatted floppies) for $15, for those
64     who don't have ftp capabilities.
66     Orders outside the US and Canada must add an additional $5 per manual
67     ordered to cover the additional shipping charges.
69     Checks, money orders, and purchase orders are accepted. Credit cards
70     are not. All forms of payment must be payable in US Funds. Checks
71     must be payable through a US bank (or a US branch of a non-US bank).
72     Purchase orders for less than $50, while still accepted, are not
73     encouraged.
75     All payments should be payable to 'John Bradley', and mailed to:
76     John Bradley
77     1053 Floyd Terrace
78     Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
79     USA
82     Site Licenses
83     -------------
84     If you are planning to purchase 10 or more licenses, site licenses are
85     available, at a substantial discount. Site licenses let you run XV on
86     any and all computing equipment at the site, for any purpose
87     whatsoever. The site license covers the current version of XV, and
88     any versions released within one year of the licensing date. You are
89     also allowed to duplicate and distribute an unlimited number of copies
90     of the XV manual, but only for use within the site. Covered versions
91     of the software may be run in perpetuity.
93     Also, it should be noted that a 'site' can be defined as anything
94     you'd like. It can be a physical location (a room, building,
95     location, etc.), an organizational grouping (a workgroup, department,
96     division, etc.) or any other logical grouping ("the seventeen
97     technical writers scattered about our company", etc.).
99     The site license cost will be based on your estimate of the number of
100     XV users or workstations at your site, whichever is the smaller
101     number.
103     If you are interested in obtaining a site license, please contact the
104     author via electronic mail or FAX (see below for details). Send
105     information regarding your site (the name or definition of the 'site',
106     a physical address, a fax number, and an estimate of the number of
107     users or workstations), and we'll get a site license out to you for
108     your examination.
111     Copyright Notice
112     ----------------
113     XV is Copyright 1989, 1994 by John Bradley
115     Permission to copy and distribute XV in its entirety, for
116     non-commercial purposes, is hereby granted without fee, provided that
117     this license information and copyright notice appear in all copies.
119     If you redistribute XV, the *entire* contents of this distribution
120     must be distributed, including the README, and INSTALL files, the
121     sources, and the complete contents of the 'docs' directory.
123     Note that distributing XV 'bundled' in with any product is considered
124     to be a 'commercial purpose'.
126     Also note that any copies of XV that are distributed MUST be built
127     and/or configured to be in their 'unregistered copy' mode, so that it
128     is made obvious to the user that XV is shareware, and that they should
129     consider registering, or at least reading this information.
131     The software may be modified for your own purposes, but modified
132     versions may not be distributed without prior consent of the author.
134     This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
135     warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any damages
136     arising from the use of this software.
138     If you would like to do something with XV that this copyright
139     prohibits (such as distributing it with a commercial product, using
140     portions of the source in some other program, distributing registered
141     copies, etc.), please contact the author (preferably via email).
142     Arrangements can probably be worked out.
145     The author may be contacted via:
146     US Mail: John Bradley
147     1053 Floyd Terrace
148     Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
150     FAX: (610) 520-2042
152     Electronic Mail regarding XV should be sent to one of these three addresses:
153     xv@devo.dccs.upenn.edu - general XV questions
154     xvbiz@devo.dccs.upenn.edu - all XV licensing questions
155     xvtech@devo.dccs.upenn.edu - bug reports, technical questions
157     Please do *not* send electronic mail directly to the author, as he
158     gets more than enough as it is.

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