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ueagle-atm-1.2.ebuild (dead)  1.2  11 years  mrness  Remove non-working version. (Portage version:
ueagle-atm-1.1.ebuild (dead)  1.2  12 years  mrness  Set world-readable permissions on firmware files (#131693). (Portage version: 2.…
ueagle-atm-1.1-r3.ebuild  1.3  5 years  pacho  Update PPPoE instructions. (Portage version: x86_64)
ueagle-atm-1.1-r2.ebuild (dead)  1.5  8 years  mrness  Migrate to EAPI 2. Cleanup dependencies. Update README with changes occured in b…
ueagle-atm-1.1-r1.ebuild (dead)  1.2  12 years  mrness  Keep up with baselayout-1.12.0 development. Improve post-install messages, based…
metadata.xml  1.1  12 years  mrness  Initial version, created for fixing bug #131693. (Portage version: 2.0.54)
Manifest  1.18  5 years  pacho  Update PPPoE instructions. (Portage version: x86_64, signed…
ChangeLog  1.9  5 years  pacho  Update PPPoE instructions. (Portage version: x86_64)

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