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traceroute-1.4_p7.ebuild (dead)  1.2  19 years  drobbins  I messed this up... it isn't compiling.... the p7 sources aren't available anymo…
traceroute-1.4_p11.ebuild (dead)  1.2  19 years  drobbins  traceroute now works
traceroute-1.4_p5.ebuild (dead)  1.2  19 years  jerry  Upgrade to latest version of traceroute. This is one of those programs where as…
traceroute-1.4_p12.ebuild (dead)  1.3  18 years  bangert  removal of moved packages -- 12 not 13 btw.
ChangeLog (dead)  1.2  18 years  bangert  removal of moved packages -- 12 not 13 btw.
.frozen (dead)  1.2  17 years  robbat2  removing lockfile

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