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9 <email>mlspamcb@noci.xs4all.nl</email> 9 <email>mlspamcb@noci.xs4all.nl</email>
10</maintainer> 10</maintainer>
11<maintainer> 11<maintainer>
12 <email>jmbsvicetto@gentoo.org</email> 12 <email>jmbsvicetto@gentoo.org</email>
13</maintainer> 13</maintainer>
15 <flag name="pcap">
16 Enable the pcap-based plugin that allows creating a switch against
17 a real interface.
18 </flag>
19 <flag name="ssl">
20 Enable the cryptcab plugin that allows creating an encrypted
21 virtual cable.
22 </flag>
14</pkgmetadata> 24</pkgmetadata>

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