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Sun Nov 4 20:49:38 2012 UTC (4 years, 11 months ago) by ulm
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Remove unused RSA-MD4, RSA-MD5, and RSA-PKCS11 licenses; replaced by RSA.

1 # Copyright 1999-2012 Gentoo Foundation
2 # Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
3 # $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/profiles/license_groups,v 1.136 2012/11/04 16:57:44 ulm Exp $
5 # Please report bugs or other requests at bugs.gentoo.org and assign to
6 # licenses@gentoo.org
8 # GLEP-0023
9 # http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/glep/glep-0023.html
11 # http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html
12 # GPL or LGPL with various exceptions are also included here, because
13 # they are more permissive than the licenses they are based on.
14 GPL-COMPATIBLE AGPL-3 Apache-2.0 Artistic-2 Boost-1.0 BSD BSD-2 CC0-1.0-Universal CeCILL-2 Clarified-Artistic DB FTL gcc-runtime-library-exception-3.1 GPL-1 GPL-1+ GPL-2 GPL-2+ GPL-2-with-exceptions GPL-2-with-font-exception GPL-2-with-linking-exception GPL-2-with-MySQL-FLOSS-exception GPL-3 GPL-3+ GPL-3-with-font-exception ISC LGPL-2 LGPL-2+ LGPL-2-with-linking-exception LGPL-2.1 LGPL-2.1+ LGPL-2.1-with-linking-exception LGPL-3 LGPL-3+ LGPL-3-with-linking-exception libgcc libstdc++ metapackage MIT MPL-2.0 OPENLDAP OracleDB PSF-2 PSF-2.2 PSF-2.3 PSF-2.4 public-domain PYTHON qwt Ruby Ruby-BSD SGI-B-2.0 tanuki-community unicode Unlicense UoI-NCSA vim W3C WTFPL-2 ZLIB ZPL
16 FSF-APPROVED @GPL-COMPATIBLE AFL-2.1 AFL-3.0 Apache-1.1 APSL-2 BitTorrent BSD-4 CDDL CNRI CPL-1.0 EPL-1.0 EUPL-1.1 IBM LPPL-1.2 MPL-1.0 MPL-1.1 Ms-PL NPL-1.1 openssl OSL-1.1 OSL-2.0 OSL-2.1 PHP-3.01 QPL QPL-1.0
18 # http://www.opensource.org/licenses
19 OSI-APPROVED AFL-3.0 AGPL-3 Apache-1.1 Apache-2.0 APL-1.0 APSL-2 Artistic Artistic-2 Boost-1.0 BSD BSD-2 CDDL CNRI CPAL-1.0 CPL-1.0 DB EPL-1.0 EUPL-1.1 GPL-1+ GPL-2 GPL-2+ GPL-3 GPL-3+ HPND IBM IPAfont ISC LGPL-2+ LGPL-2.1 LGPL-2.1+ LGPL-3 LGPL-3+ LPPL-1.3c MIT MPL-1.0 MPL-1.1 MPL-2.0 Ms-PL nethack NOSA OFL-1.1 OracleDB PHP-3 PHP-3.01 POSTGRESQL PSF-2 QPL W3C wxWinLL-3 wxWinLL-3.1 ZLIB ZPL
21 # Misc licenses that are probably free software, i.e. follow the
22 # Free Software Definition at http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html
23 # but are not approved by either FSF or OSI. Preferably on the long
24 # term these should be cleared up and moved to other sets.
25 # Licenses in this list should NOT appear directly or indirectly in @FSF-APPROVED or @OSI-APPROVED
26 # TODO: maybe add a category for BSD-alike MISC-FREE licenses for easy seperation?
27 # BSD-4 alikes: dom4j FastCGI icu jaxen JDOM saxpath
28 MISC-FREE Allegro ANTLR as-is bea.ri.jsr173 BEER-WARE BSD-1 BZIP2 CDDL-Schily CMake CPL-0.5 CRACKLIB cryptopp czyborra dom4j eGenixPublic-1.1 ElementTree Emacs ErlPL-1.1 FastCGI FLEX FLTK freemarker FVWM gnuplot gsm HTML-Tidy htmlc iASL icu IDPL imagemagick Info-ZIP ipadic JamesClark JasPer2.0 jaxen JDOM JNIC JOVE libpng LLGPL-2.1 LPPL-1.3 LPPL-1.3b lsof matplotlib md2k7-asyouwish mplus-fonts NCSA-HDF noweb OpenSoftware otter perforce PHP-2.02 Princeton pysqlite rc RSA saxpath Scintilla Sendmail skype- SMAIL Subversion SVFL tcp_wrappers_license TeX TeX-other-free UbuntuFontLicense-1.0 vlgothic w3m wxWinLL-3 Xdebug xtrs YaTeX zpaq ZSH
29 # The following are NOT valid in @MISC-FREE:
30 # arj - usage restrictions
31 # freedist - Doesn't grant the right to do modifications.
32 # lha - restrictions on distribution, doesn't grant the right to do modifications.
34 # Metaset for all free software
37 # FSF-approved licenses for "free documentation" and "works of
38 # practical use besides software and documentation" (including fonts)
39 FSF-APPROVED-OTHER Arphic CCPL-Attribution-2.0 CCPL-Attribution-ShareAlike-2.0 DSL FDL-1.1 FDL-1.1+ FDL-1.2 FDL-1.2+ FDL-1.3 FDL-1.3+ FreeArt GPL-1 GPL-1+ GPL-2 GPL-2+ GPL-3 GPL-3+ OFL OFL-1.1 OPL
41 # Licenses for free documents, following the definition at
42 # http://freedomdefined.org/
43 FREE-DOCUMENTS @FSF-APPROVED-OTHER BitstreamVera CC-PD CCPL-Attribution-2.5 CCPL-Attribution-3.0 CCPL-Attribution-ShareAlike-2.5 CCPL-Attribution-ShareAlike-3.0 CCPL-ShareAlike-1.0 LDP-1 LDP-1a man-pages man-pages-posix MaxMind2 myspell-en_CA-KevinAtkinson Texinfo-manual wxWinFDL-3
45 # Collection of all licenses with the freedom to use, share, modify
46 # and share modifications
49 EULA AdobeFlash-10.3 BCS Broadcom cadsoft DOOM3 ETQW FraunhoferFDK google-chrome googleearth google-talkplugin IBM-J1.5 IBM-J1.6 Intel-SDP Introversion Livestation-EULA LOKI-EULA LRCTF MakeMKV-EULA MARBLEBLAST Mendeley-EULA MSjdbcEULA40 Nero-AAC-EULA Nero-EULA-US Oracle-BCLA-JavaSE POMPOM postal2 PUEL Q3AEULA QUAKE4 RTCW RTCW-ETEULA SCM-MICRO skype-eula skype- spin-commercial spin-educational sun-bcla-java-vm THINKTANKS ut2003 ut2003-demo
51 # As proposed: http://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-dev/msg_6c950b46c50fe72ebc5e650bbf70f77c.xml
52 # Excerpt of the rules for this license group:
53 # - MUST permit redistribution in binary form.
54 # - MUST NOT require explicit approval (No items from @EULA)
55 # - MUST NOT restrict the cost of redistribution.
56 # - MAY require explicit inclusion of the license with
57 # the distribution [1]
58 # - IFF there is an explicit inclusion requirement, USE=bindist
59 # MUST cause a copy of the license to be installed in a file
60 # location compliant with the license,
61 BINARY-REDISTRIBUTABLE @FREE adobe-ps atheros-hal intel-psb intel-ucode ipw2100-fw ipw2200-fw ipw3945 libertas-fw NVIDIA qlogic-fibre-channel-firmware radeon-ucode ralink-firmware SmartLabs
63 # Deprecated license labels, used by repoman
64 # as-is: see note in licenses/as-is and bug 436214
67 # Local Variables:
68 # mode: conf-space
69 # mode: visual-line
70 # End:

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