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eapi  1.1  13 months  dilfridge  Increase EAPI to 5
make.defaults  1.4  23 months  mgorny  Drop stale ALSA_PCM_PLUGINS from USE_EXPAND. Bug #471792.
package.mask  1.45  3 months  grobian  Mask patch-2.7.4 on Darwin, bug #538502
package.use.mask  1.13  16 months  creffett  Remove invalid entries from prefix/darwin/package.use.mask
packages  1.4  3 years  grobian  Add sys-libs/csu (crt1.o) to system set on Darwin, such that compilations can do…
parent  1.2  16 months  redlizard  Moved most of the prefix base profile to the new features/prefix profile.
use.force  1.1  5 years  solar  Initial commit of prefix profiles on behalf of the prefix community
use.mask  1.4  2 years  grobian  move cman clvm masks up to system level, bug #452848

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