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eapi  1.1  2 years  dilfridge  Increase EAPI to 5
make.defaults  1.18  4 years  jlec  Set default values of FFLAGS and FCFLAGS to profiles default CFLAGS, equally as …
package.mask  1.23  3 years  vapier  drop uclibc mask since base no longer masks it
package.use  1.1  5 years  ulm  Remove old-style virtual/ssh, bug 361121.
packages  1.35  5 years  vapier  drop sys-libs/readline from system since we have sane/full USE=readline coverage…
packages.build  1.8  4 years  phajdan.jr  virtual/shadow related updates.
parent  1.4  8 years  wolf31o2  Huge initial 2008.0 profile commit. This will need to be adjusted synced with t…
use.force  1.2  9 years  zmedico  Mask and force ELIBC, KERNEL, and USERLAND flags that apply to specific profiles…
use.mask  1.17  20 months  ulm  Remove various masks related to emul-linux* from subprofiles.

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