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use.mask  1.17  4 years  ulm  Remove various masks related to emul-linux* from subprofiles.
eapi  1.1  5 years  dilfridge  Increase EAPI to 5
package.mask  1.23  5 years  vapier  drop uclibc mask since base no longer masks it
make.defaults  1.18  7 years  jlec  Set default values of FFLAGS and FCFLAGS to profiles default CFLAGS, equally as …
packages.build  1.8  7 years  phajdan.jr  virtual/shadow related updates.
packages  1.35  8 years  vapier  drop sys-libs/readline from system since we have sane/full USE=readline coverage…
package.use  1.1  8 years  ulm  Remove old-style virtual/ssh, bug 361121.
parent  1.4  11 years  wolf31o2  Huge initial 2008.0 profile commit. This will need to be adjusted synced with t…
use.force  1.2  12 years  zmedico  Mask and force ELIBC, KERNEL, and USERLAND flags that apply to specific profiles…

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