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3Q-2015  1.5  4 years  monsieurp  Add pkgmove entry for biojava: moved from dev-java/ to sci-biology/.
2Q-2015  1.23  4 years  monsieurp  dev-java/scala-bin -> dev-lang/scala-bin
1Q-2015  1.10  4 years  ulm  Delete package move for dev-tex/pdftex because target package exists.
4Q-2014  1.14  4 years  titanofold  pgasync is a Python library and not a standalone application. Moved from dev-db …
3Q-2014  1.14  5 years  jlec  qcustomplot pkg move
1Q-2014  1.8  5 years  kensington  Fix slotmove - the old slot was 0 and there never was a 2.
2Q-2014  1.4  5 years  ulm  Move latest entry to correct quarter file.
2Q-2013  1.12  5 years  wired  removed old slotmoves from 2Q-2013, they were conflicting with newer ones in 4Q-…
4Q-2013  1.2  6 years  gienah  Move cairo, glib, gio, gtk2hs-buildtools, pango to slot 0.
3Q-2013  1.15  6 years  tomwij  Moved SLOT=2 to SLOT=0.2 for version 0.0.2 of net-libs/libecap.
1Q-2013  1.22  6 years  eva  Move old gupnp-dlna to slot 1.0.
2Q-2011  1.26  6 years  pesa  Qt category move.
4Q-2012  1.30  6 years  pinkbyte  Move latest entry to proper updates/ file
3Q-2012  1.32  7 years  graaff  Slotmove dev-ruby/trollop-2.0 to a separate SLOT, bug 436344.
2Q-2012  1.23  7 years  maksbotan  Move leechraft-vrooby to sys-fs
4Q-2011  1.24  7 years  ssuominen  drop duplicate old move
1Q-2012  1.16  7 years  ssuominen  slotmove frescobaldi back to slot 0
3Q-2011  1.26  8 years  olemarkus  Revert of 3Q-2011
1Q-2011  1.71  8 years  angelos  Removed dbus-shar->ndesk-dbus move. This causes weird behaviour after syncs sinc…
4Q-2010  1.29  8 years  tampakrap  slotmove kmldonkey to 4 as all kde4 apps
3Q-2010  1.11  9 years  eva  Slotmove >=dev-lang/vala-0.9.5 to 0.10, bug #338067.
2Q-2010  1.30  9 years  arfrever  net-misc/neon renamed to net-libs/neon.
1Q-2010  1.55  9 years  tampakrap  plasma-indicatordisplay is now called plasma-widget-message-indicator

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