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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "http://www.gentoo.org/dtd/metadata.dtd">
3 <pkgmetadata>
4 <herd>sci-biology</herd>
5 <longdescription>
6 The Vienna RNA Package consists of a C code library and several
7 stand-alone programs for the prediction and comparison of RNA secondary
8 structures. RNA secondary structure prediction through energy
9 minimization is the most used function in the package. We provide three
10 kinds of dynamic programming algorithms for structure prediction: the
11 minimum free energy algorithm of (Zuker and Stiegler 1981) which yields a
12 single optimal structure, the partition function algorithm of
13 (McCaskill 1990) which calculates base pair probabilities in the
14 thermodynamic ensemble, and the suboptimal folding algorithm of
15 (Wuchty et.al 1999) which generates all suboptimal structures within a
16 given energy range of the optimal energy. For secondary structure
17 comparison, the package contains several measures of distance
18 (dissimilarities) using either string alignment or tree-editing
19 (Shapiro and Zhang 1990). Finally, we provide an algorithm to design
20 sequences with a predefined structure (inverse folding).
21 </longdescription>
22 </pkgmetadata>

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