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1# Copyright 1999-2000 Gentoo Technologies, Inc. 1# Copyright 1999-2001 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
2# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, v2 or later 2# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, v2 or later
3# Author Your Name <your email> 3# Author First Last <your email>
4# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/Attic/skel.build,v 1.2 2001/02/15 18:17:31 achim Exp $ 4# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/Attic/skel.build,v 1.4 2001/07/16 19:33:05 danarmak Exp $
5 5
6#P= 6#Remeber to add the proper Author line, above. Don't worry about the fourth line;
7A=${P}.tar.gz 7#it'll get automatically fixed when the ebuild is checked in
9#Source directory; the dir where the sources can be found (automatically unpacked)
10#inside ${WORKDIR}
8S=${WORKDIR}/${P} 11S=${WORKDIR}/${P}
10SRC_URI="ftp://" 13#Short one-line description
14DESCRIPTION="This is a sample skeleton ebuild file"
16#Point to any required sources; these will be automatically downloaded by Portage
19#Homepage, not used by Portage directly but handy for developer reference
11HOMEPAGE="http://" 20HOMEPAGE="http://"
12 21
22#build-time dependencies
14 24
25#run-time dependencies, same as DEPEND if RDEPEND isn't defined:
15src_compile() { 28src_compile() {
16 29 #the "try" command will stop the build process if the specified command fails. Prefix critical
17 try ./configure --prefix=/usr --host=${CHOST} 30 #commands with "try"
18 try make 31 try ./configure --infodir=/usr/share/info --mandir=/usr/share/man --prefix=/usr --host=${CHOST}
19 32 #Note the use of --infodir and --mandir, above. This is to make this package FHS 2.2-compliant
33 #(/usr/share is used for info and man now).
35 try emake
36 #emake (previously known as pmake) is a script that calls the standard GNU make with parallel
37 #building options for speedier builds on SMP systems. Use emake first; it make not work. If
38 #not, then replace the line above with:
40 #try make
20} 41}
21 42
22src_install () { 43src_install () {
44 #you must *personally verify* that this trick doesn't install
45 #anything outside of DESTDIR; do this by reading and understanding
46 #the install part of the Makefiles. Also note that this will often
47 #also work for autoconf stuff (usually much more often than DESTDIR,
48 #which is actually quite rare.
50 # try make prefix=${D}/usr install
23 51
24 try make DESTDIR=${D} install 52 try make DESTDIR=${D} install
25 53 #again, verify the Makefiles! We don't want anything falling outside
54 #of ${D}.
26} 55}
27 56

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