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2.02_beta2/         (from /)
grub-0.92/         (from /)
grub-2.00-freetype-2.5.1.patch  1.1  4 years  floppym  Fix build with freetype-2.5.1, bug 493634 by Thomas Axelsson. (Portage version:…
grub-2.02_beta2-libzfs.patch  1.1  3 years  floppym  Backport build fix for when both device-mapper and libzfs are enabled. Bug 49660…
grub.conf.gentoo  1.3  3 years  axs  revbump of grub:0 , supporting gx86-multilib (bug 510758) and addressing bugs 47…
grub.default-2  1.4  4 years  floppym  Change references from /boot/grub2 to /boot/grub. (Portage version: 2.2.6/cvs/L…
grub.default-3  1.5  2 years  floppym  Document options to disable the submenu and play a tone on startup. Bug 544154. …

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