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btrfs-progs-3.14.2-install-man.patch  1.1  4 years  floppym  Fix installation of btrfs-check manpage. (Portage version: 2.2.10/cvs/Linux x86…
btrfs-progs-3.14.1-arg_strtou64.patch  1.1  4 years  floppym  Backport patch to fix linking failures with libbtrfs, reported by dlan. (Portag…
btrfs-progs-3.12-defrag-sockets.patch  1.1  4 years  slyfox  Fix recursive defrag failures on non-files (bug #503514 by Antoine Lemoine). (P…
btrfs-progs-3.12-fix-send-subvol-492776.patch  1.1  5 years  slyfox  Fix 'btrfs send' on funky subvol paths (bug #492776 by Thomas Scheiblauer). (Po…
btrfs-progs-0.19-fix-underlinking.patch  1.1  7 years  lavajoe  Fix underlinking (bug #369451) (Portage version: x86_64)
btrfs-progs-0.19-glibc212.patch  1.1  8 years  ssuominen  Fix building with GLIBC 2.12. (Portage version: 2.2_rc67/cvs/Linux x86_64)
btrfs-progs-0.19-convert-remove-used-space-update.patch  1.1  9 years  lavajoe  New version 0.19 (bug #278066); fix hard-coded "gcc" and "make" (Portage version…

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