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Revision 1.18 Revision 1.19
21 instead of bundled.</flag> 21 instead of bundled.</flag>
22 <flag name="system-libvpx">Use the system-wide <pkg>media-libs/libvpx</pkg> 22 <flag name="system-libvpx">Use the system-wide <pkg>media-libs/libvpx</pkg>
23 instead of bundled.</flag> 23 instead of bundled.</flag>
24 <flag name="system-sqlite">Use the system-wide <pkg>dev-db/sqlite</pkg> 24 <flag name="system-sqlite">Use the system-wide <pkg>dev-db/sqlite</pkg>
25 installation with secure-delete enabled</flag> 25 installation with secure-delete enabled</flag>
26 <flag name="egl">Enable EGL provider</flag>
26</use> 27</use>
27</pkgmetadata> 28</pkgmetadata>

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