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Revision 1.3 Revision 1.4
5<maintainer> 5<maintainer>
6 <email>jokey@gentoo.org</email> 6 <email>jokey@gentoo.org</email>
7 <name>Markus Ullmann</name> 7 <name>Markus Ullmann</name>
8</maintainer> 8</maintainer>
9<use> 9<use>
10 <flag name="soup">Use native C http library</flag> 10 <flag name="soup">Use Soup (<pkg>net-libs/libsoup</pkg>) as HTTP backend instead of curl(<pkg>net-misc/curl</pkg>), if you want better gnome integration for URL processing</flag>
11</use> 11</use>
12</pkgmetadata> 12</pkgmetadata>

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