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Sun Jul 22 21:08:43 2012 UTC (5 years, 9 months ago) by cardoe
Branch: MAIN
Refactor the ebuild for easier maintenance.
Improve kernel feature detection (bug #412707, #286445, #329597).
Add init script for SMI to control the fan when X is not running (bug #388725,
init script from Stuart Finlayson <stu@santa-li.com>).
Block the drivers from being prelinked (bug #420285, prelink script by Norman
Back <gentoo@thebacks.co.uk>).

(Portage version: x86_64)

1 PRELINK_PATH_MASK="/usr/lib{,64}/tls/libnvidia-tls*:/usr/lib{,64}/libnvidia*:/usr/lib{,64}/libGL*:/usr/lib{,64}/opengl/nvidia/*:/usr/lib{,64}/OpenCL/vendors/nvidia/*:/usr/lib{,64}/xorg/modules/drivers/nvidia*:/usr/lib{,64}/libvdpau_nvidia*:/usr/lib{,64}/libXvMCNVIDIA*:/usr/lib{,64}/libcuda*:/usr/lib{,64}/libnvcuvid*"

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