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ChangeLog (dead)  1.50  6 years  darkside  remove, bug 258042
Manifest (dead)  1.62  6 years  darkside  remove, bug 258042
metadata.xml (dead)  1.2  6 years  darkside  remove, bug 258042
xvidcap-1.1.3-r1.ebuild (dead)  1.7  11 years  nelchael  Removed old version. (Portage version: 2.1_pre3-r1)
xvidcap-1.1.3-r2.ebuild (dead)  1.3  11 years  nelchael  Fix bug #120551 - recording on 64 bit systems. (Portage version: 2.1_pre4-r1)
xvidcap-1.1.3-r3.ebuild (dead)  1.3  10 years  nelchael  Remove old version. (Portage version: 2.1.2_pre3-r1) (Signed Manifest commit) …
xvidcap-1.1.3-r4.ebuild (dead)  1.3  10 years  nelchael  Version bump. (Portage version: 2.1.1_pre4) (Signed Manifest commit)
xvidcap-1.1.3.ebuild (dead)  1.8  12 years  eradicator  Stable amd64, x86. Removing version which used old ffmpeg. (Portage version: 2.…
xvidcap-1.1.4.ebuild (dead)  1.4  10 years  drac  docbook2man configure fix, version bump, remove old versions. bug 173310. (Porta…
xvidcap-1.1.4_pre3.ebuild (dead)  1.2  10 years  nelchael  Version bump. (Portage version: 2.1.1_rc1-r2) (Signed Manifest commit)
xvidcap-1.1.4_rc1.ebuild (dead)  1.8  8 years  ssuominen  Remove last stable version purposely, it has been broken singe ages and new vers…
xvidcap-1.1.5.ebuild (dead)  1.3  9 years  drac  Fix typing error in old version. Revision bump to new version which uses system …
xvidcap-1.1.5_rc1.ebuild (dead)  1.2  10 years  drac  docbook2man configure fix, version bump, remove old versions. bug 173310. (Porta…
xvidcap-1.1.5_rc2.ebuild (dead)  1.2  10 years  drac  Version bump for bug 178637. (Portage version:
xvidcap-1.1.6-r1.ebuild (dead)  1.2  9 years  drac  Bump to enable swsscaler. (Portage version: 2.1.3_rc5)
xvidcap-1.1.6-r2.ebuild (dead)  1.7  8 years  mr_bones_  clean out old, dep-broken ebuild (Portage version: i6…
xvidcap-1.1.6.ebuild (dead)  1.3  9 years  drac  remove old. (Portage version: 2.1.3_rc5)
xvidcap-1.1.7.ebuild (dead)  1.5  6 years  darkside  remove, bug 258042
xvidcap-1.1.7_rc1.ebuild (dead)  1.3  8 years  yngwin  Version bump. New patches added for newer ffmpeg issues, thanks to Vasily Shmele…

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