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Tue May 10 14:27:33 2005 UTC (13 years ago) by s4t4n
Branch: MAIN
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Added gtk+ dependancy, closing bug #91578. Added missing metadata.xml...
(Portage version:

1 s4t4n 1.1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2     <!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "http://www.gentoo.org/dtd/metadata.dtd">
3     <pkgmetadata>
4     <herd>desktop-dock</herd>
5     <longdescription>
6     wmpower is a Window Maker dock application
7     allowing the user to graphically see (and set) the power management status of his laptop.
8     It works with both APM and ACPI enabled kernels, has special support for Toshiba, Compal
9     and Dell hardware, and allows you to dinamically set the frequency of your CPU(s) via CPUfreq.
10     </longdescription>
11     </pkgmetadata>

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