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__init__.py  13 years  marduk  Message Of The Day is now HTMLtext and has it's own html id.
bugs.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
bumps.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
changelogs.py  13 years  marduk  Removed dependency on mstring.py
config.py.example  13 years  marduk  More additions/removals for pre-2.0
index.html  13 years  marduk  More additions/removals for pre-2.0
licenses.py  11 years  marduk  Change licenses URL prefix
new.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
platform.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
portage.py  13 years  marduk  Caching of Ebuild objects. When creating a __new__ Ebuild, if one already exists…
portage_ui.py  11 years  marduk  *** empty log message ***
queries.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
robots.txt  13 years  marduk  This is the development code for what will eventually become version 2.0 of pack…
stats.py  11 years  marduk  Updated CIA URL.
style.css  13 years  marduk  CSS fixes
tips.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
updates.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.
use.py  13 years  marduk  Refactoring.

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