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bugs.py  1.2  14 years  marduk  Code cleanups, new BugFactory functions, removal of cvs parser since 2.3 has one…
categories2.py  1.1  14 years  marduk  We use categories2.py, not categories.py to generate the categories page. Also r…
changelogs.py  11 years  marduk  Changed CIA_URL. Fixes #177771
config.py.example  12 years  marduk  Example config file.
create_ebuild.sql  12 years  marduk  Added "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS" Added prevarch and is_masked columns
create_package.sql  12 years  marduk  Added 'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS' Added 'new' column
daily.py  12 years  marduk  Removed unused import
ebuilddb.py  11 years  marduk  Pass local_config=False to portage.config(). Fixes bug #172678
forums.py  12 years  marduk  Added forums.py to CVS. Somehow I neglected to add it before.
genarchbar.py  15 years  marduk  
genrsslist.py  1.3  13 years  marduk  Had to remove "class=" CSS stuff as it was causing problems. Will need to prett…
gentoo.py  11 years  marduk  Clean up implementation of main RSS link and "subtitle". Fixes bug #111952
genxml.py  1.1  14 years  marduk  Adding XML and p_objects work.
index.shtml  12 years  marduk  New index.shtml file/template
menu.html  12 years  marduk  Adding menu.html file
mksite.py  11 years  tomk  Prevent command execution vulnerabilities, bug 187971
mstring.py  15 years  marduk  
new_ebuilds.py  11 years  marduk  Clean up implementation of main RSS link and "subtitle". Fixes bug #111952
p_objects.py  1.1  14 years  marduk  Adding XML and p_objects work.
purge_db.py  1.2  15 years  marduk  Had name and category reversed in delete_package
query_ebuild.py  1.4  13 years  marduk  * get mask info from is_masked column * used inline pkgsplit() to avoid having t…
query_package.py  1.5  13 years  marduk  * fixed code that determines how many pages are in search results
run.sh  12 years  marduk  Script to update database/pages. To be run via cron scheduler.
search.py  12 years  marduk  Removed unused caching logic
similar.py  12 years  marduk  /similar script to replace kludgy /search method
util.py  11 years  marduk  homepage_update: c.execute = (... Yeah, that should have been c.execute(... Fixe…
weeks.py  12 years  marduk  Make date comparision compatible with MySQL 5 (and the SQL standard).

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