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6<title>Gentoo Bug Reporting Guide</title> 6<title>Gentoo Bug Reporting Guide</title>
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27<title>Introduction</title> 27<title>Introduction</title>
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29<title>Preface</title> 29<title>Preface</title>
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962<title>Zero-day bump requests</title>
966So far, we've shown what to do when filing a bug. Now let's take a look at what
967<e>not</e> to do.
971Suppose that you've eagerly been following an upstream project's schedule, and
972when you check their homepage, guess what? They just released a new version a
973few minutes ago! Most users would immediately rush over to Gentoo's bugzilla to
974report the new version is available; please bump the existing version and add
975it to Portage, etc. However, this is exactly what you should <b>not</b> do.
976These kinds of requests are called zero-day (or 0-day) bump requests, as they're
977made the same day that a new version is released.
981<b>Please wait <e>at least</e> 48 hours before reporting a new release on our
982bugzilla.</b> Also, you <e>must</e> check bugzilla before posting your request
983to make sure that someone else hasn't already reported it, or that the Gentoo
984maintainers haven't already dealt with the new version.
988Why should you wait? First, it's quite rude to demand that Gentoo developers
989drop everything they're doing just to add a new release that came out 15 minutes
990ago. Your zero-day bump request could be marked as INVALID or LATER, as
991developers have plenty of pressing issues to keep them busy. Second, developers
992are usually aware of pending new releases well in advance of users, as they must
993follow upstream quite closely. They already know a new version is on its way.
994In many cases, they will have already opened a bug, or might even already added
995it in Portage as a masked package.
999Be smart when testing and requesting new versions of packages. Search bugzilla
1000before posting your bump request -- is there already a bug open? Have you synced
1001lately; is it already in Portage? Has it actually been released by upstream?
1002Basic common sense will go a long way, and will endear you to developers that
1003already have a lot to do. If it's been several days since release and you're
1004sure that there are no open requests for it (and that it's not in Portage), then
1005you can open up a new bug. Be sure to mention that it compiles and runs well on
1006your arch. Any other helpful information you provide is most welcome.
1010Want to see the newest version of your favorite package in Portage? File smart
961</chapter> 1016</chapter>
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963<chapter> 1018<chapter>
964<title>Working With Your Bug</title> 1019<title>Working With Your Bug</title>
965<section> 1020<section>

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