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5<guide link="/doc/en/faq.xml"> 5<guide link="/doc/en/faq.xml">
6<title>Gentoo Linux Frequently Asked Questions</title> 6<title>Gentoo Linux Frequently Asked Questions</title>
7<author title="Chief Architect"> 7<author title="Chief Architect">
35please contact either an author or a member of the documentation team. 35please contact either an author or a member of the documentation team.
36</abstract> 36</abstract>
37 37
38<license/> 38<license/>
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40<version>2.5</version> 40<version>2.6</version>
41<date>May 25, 2004</date> 41<date>July 03, 2004</date>
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43<chapter> 43<chapter>
44<title>Featured Questions</title> 44<title>Featured Questions</title>
45<section> 45<section>
46<title>Getting Started</title> 46<title>Getting Started</title>
90 I do now?</uri> 90 I do now?</uri>
91 </li> 91 </li>
92 <li> 92 <li>
93 <uri link="#proxy">My proxy requires authentication, what do I 93 <uri link="#proxy">My proxy requires authentication, what do I
94 have to do?</uri> 94 have to do?</uri>
95 </li>
96 <li>
97 <uri link="#isoburning">How do I burn an ISO file?</uri>
95 </li> 98 </li>
96</ul> 99</ul>
97 100
98</body> 101</body>
99</section> 102</section>
481handle this situation. 484handle this situation.
482</p> 485</p>
483 486
484</body> 487</body>
485</section> 488</section>
489<section id="isoburning">
490<title>How do I burn an ISO file?</title>
494You need to burn the file in so-called <e>raw</e> mode. This means that you
495should <e>not</e> just place the file on the CD, but interpret the file as an
496entire CD.
500There are lots of CD burning tools available; covering them all would be a
501Sisyphean problem. Describing a few popular tools however doesn't hurt :)
505 <li>
506 With EasyCD Creator you select <c>File</c>, <c>Record CD
507 from CD image</c>. Then you change the <c>Files of type</c> to <c>ISO image
508 file</c>. Then locate the ISO file and click <c>Open</c>. When you click on
509 <c>Start recording</c> the ISO image will be burned correctly onto the CD-R.
510 </li>
511 <li>
512 With Nero Burning ROM, cancel the wizard which automatically pops up and
513 select <c>Burn Image</c> from the <c>Recoder</c> menu. Select the image you
514 want to burn and click <c>Open</c>. Now hit the <c>Burn</c> button and watch
515 your brand new CD being burnt.
516 </li>
517 <li>
518 With cdrecord, you simply type <c>cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc</c> (replace
519 <path>/dev/hdc</path> with your CD-RW drive's device path) followed
520 by the path to the ISO file :)
521 </li>
522 <li>
523 With K3B, select <c>Tools</c> &gt; <c>CD</c> &gt; <c>Burn Image</c>. Then
524 you can locate your ISO file within the 'Image to Burn' area. Finally click
525 <c>Start</c>.
526 </li>
486</chapter> 532</chapter>
487 533
488<chapter> 534<chapter>
489<title>Package Management</title> 535<title>Package Management</title>
490<section id="ebuilds"> 536<section id="ebuilds">

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