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4<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd"> 4<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
5<guide link="/doc/en/gentoo-alpha-faq.xml"> 5<guide link="/doc/en/gentoo-alpha-faq.xml">
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7<title>Gentoo Linux/Alpha Frequently Asked Questions</title> 7<title>Gentoo Linux/Alpha Frequently Asked Questions</title>
22 22
23<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license --> 23<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license -->
24<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 --> 24<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 -->
25<license/> 25<license/>
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27<version>1.4</version> 27<version>1.5</version>
28<date>2008-01-01</date> 28<date>2008-01-20</date>
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30<faqindex> 30<faqindex>
31<title>About this Document</title> 31<title>About this Document</title>
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33<section> 33<section>
480<section id="whichkernel"> 480<section id="whichkernel">
481<title>Which kernel sources should I use?</title> 481<title>Which kernel sources should I use?</title>
482<body> 482<body>
483 483
484<p> 484<p>
485<c>gentoo-sources</c> and <c>vanilla-sources</c> are both supported. You 485We recommend using <c>gentoo-sources</c> but <c>vanilla-sources</c> is
486should read the <uri link="/doc/en/gentoo-kernel.xml">Gentoo Kernel Guide</uri> 486also supported by Gentoo/Alpha. You should read the <uri
487to determine which one is right for your needs. 487link="/doc/en/gentoo-kernel.xml">Gentoo Kernel Guide</uri> to determine which
488one is right for your needs.
488</p> 489</p>
489 490
493<section id="kernel24">
494<title>My system is broken with kernel-2.6, Can I build a 2.4 bassed system?</title>
490</body> 495<body>
498Gentoo/Alpha stopped supporting 2.4 kernel and profile in January 2008.
499Technically you can build a 2.4 Gentoo System (the kernel is in the tree) but
500you will have to mask all the 2.6 only packages by yourself and you won't have
501support from developers.
505Gentoo/Alpha will review all bug reports about non working 2.6 systems and
506will try to help as much as we can.
491</section> 510</section>
492<section id="selinux"> 512<section id="selinux">
493<title>Are hardened-sources supported?</title> 513<title>Are hardened-sources supported?</title>
494<body> 514<body>
495 515
496<p> 516<p>
497<c>hardened-sources</c> and SELinux support is being worked on by Stephen 517Short answer is no. They were supported some time ago, but we lost the hardware
498Bennett (<mail link="spb@gentoo.org">spb</mail>). <c>hardened-sources</c> is 518and the maintainer so right now they are not supported. If you are interested
499currently keyworded for alpha. We hope to see an SELinux profile for Alpha in 519and want to continue the initial work, please let us know.
500the tree as soon as we feel confident about it.
501</p> 520</p>
502 521
503</body> 522</body>
504</section> 523</section>
505<section id="smpkernel"> 524<section id="smpkernel">

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