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5<guide link="/doc/en/gentoo-sparc-faq.xml"> 5<guide link="/doc/en/gentoo-sparc-faq.xml">
6<title>Gentoo Linux/SPARC Frequently Asked Questions</title> 6<title>Gentoo Linux/SPARC Frequently Asked Questions</title>
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22<version>1.7</version> 22<version>1.8</version>
23<date>2006-05-26</date> 23<date>2006-09-20</date>
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25<chapter> 25<chapter>
26<title>Documentation Notes</title> 26<title>Documentation Notes</title>
27<section> 27<section>
28<body> 28<body>
374 <li>Smart card readers on some Sun Blade workstations</li> 374 <li>Smart card readers on some Sun Blade workstations</li>
375 <li>Floppy drive on some Sun Blade workstations</li> 375 <li>Floppy drive on some Sun Blade workstations</li>
376</ul> 376</ul>
377 377
378<p> 378<p>
379Also, Gentoo/SPARC developer Sven Blumenstein keeps a list of PC hardware that 379Also, the Gentoo/SPARC team maintains a <uri
380has been tested with the PCI based SPARC64 systems at 380link="/proj/en/base/sparc/hwlist.xml">list of non-Sun PCI hardware that has
381<uri>http://dev.gentoo.org/~bazik/hw.php</uri>. Feel free to add your results 381been tested on Gentoo/SPARC</uri>. To submit additions to the list, email
382at testing PC or non-Sun hardware to the list by emailing <mail 382<mail>sparc@gentoo.org</mail> with the information on the hardware as displayed
383link="bazik@gentoo.org">bazik@gentoo.org</mail> with the information on the 383in the existing hardware list.
384hardware as displayed in the existing hardware list.
385</p> 384</p>
386 385
387</body> 386</body>
388</section> 387</section>
389<section> 388<section>
390<title>So you keep talking about sun4c/sun4d/sun4m/sun4u. How do I 389<title>So you keep talking about sun4c/sun4d/sun4m/sun4u. How do I
391know which one I have?</title> 390know which one I have?</title>
392<body> 391<body>
393 392
394<p> 393<p>
395The UltraLinux FAQ has the answer at
396<uri>http://www.ultralinux.org/faq.html#q_2_1</uri>. 394The <uri link="http://www.ultralinux.org/faq.html#q_2_1">UltraLinux FAQ</uri>
395has the answer.
401<title>My box has more than one Sun Ethernet device. Why do they all have the
402same MAC address and how do I fix it?</title>
406First, the reason they all they all have the same setting is due to a value in
407OpenBoot PROM (OBP). The story goes that in times past, it was assumed that if
408a host had multiple interfaces, the interfaces would not reside on the same
409Ethernet and therefore having the MAC address unique to a machine rather than
410to a NIC wouldn't be a problem. As time went on and different technologies
411developed, the opposite was proven.
415As for fixing the issue, there are two ways to it; from OBP and from Linux. The
416OBP variable <c>local-mac-address?</c> controls this behavior. The following
417commands will help you to determine what <c>local-mac-address?</c> is set to:
420<pre caption="View local-mac-address? setting from OBP">
421ok <i>printenv local-mac-address?</i>
422local-mac-address? = false
425<pre caption="View local-mac-address? setting from Linux">
426# <i>eeprom local-mac-address?</i>
431As you'll notice from the samples above, <c>local-mac-address?</c> is set to
432<b>false</b>. This will cause all interfaces on a SPARC to use the same MAC
433address. To change this behavior, use either of the commands below (depending
434on whether you do it from OBP or Linux):
437<pre caption="Set local-mac-address? from OBP">
438ok <i>setenv local-mac-address?=true</i>
439local-mac-address? = true
442<pre caption="Set local-mac-address? from Linux">
443# <i>eeprom local-mac-address?=true</i>
447Note that you may need to reboot to see the changes take affect.
397</p> 448</p>
398 449
399</body> 450</body>
400</section> 451</section>
401</chapter> 452</chapter>

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