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2<!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "/dtd/book.dtd"> 2<!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "/dtd/book.dtd">
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6<book link="handbook-amd64.xml"> 6<book link="handbook-amd64.xml">
7<title>Gentoo Linux/AMD64 Handbook</title> 7<title>Gentoo Linux/AMD64 Handbook</title>
8 8
9<author title="Chief Architect"> 9<author title="Chief Architect">
26</author> 26</author>
27<author title="Gentoo Alpha Developer"> 27<author title="Gentoo Alpha Developer">
28 <mail link="agriffis@gentoo.org">Aron Griffis</mail> 28 <mail link="agriffis@gentoo.org">Aron Griffis</mail>
29</author> 29</author>
30<author title="Gentoo AMD64 Developer"> 30<author title="Gentoo AMD64 Developer">
31 <mail link="brad_mssw@gentoo.org">Brad House</mail> 31 <mail link="jhuebel@gentoo.org">Jason Huebel</mail>
32</author> 32</author>
33<author title="Gentoo HPPA developer"> 33<author title="Gentoo HPPA developer">
34 <mail link="gmsoft@gentoo.org">Guy Martin</mail> 34 <mail link="gmsoft@gentoo.org">Guy Martin</mail>
35</author> 35</author>
36<author title="Gentoo PPC developer"> 36<author title="Gentoo PPC developer">
82<author title="Editor"> 82<author title="Editor">
83 <mail link="erwin@gentoo.org">Erwin</mail> 83 <mail link="erwin@gentoo.org">Erwin</mail>
84</author> 84</author>
85<author title="Editor"> 85<author title="Editor">
86 <mail link="kumba@gentoo.org">Joshua Kinard</mail> 86 <mail link="kumba@gentoo.org">Joshua Kinard</mail>
88<author title="Editor">
89 <mail link="dertobi123@gentoo.org">Tobias Scherbaum</mail>
87</author> 90</author>
88<author title="Reviewer"> 91<author title="Reviewer">
89 <mail link="g2boojum@gentoo.org">Grant Goodyear</mail> 92 <mail link="g2boojum@gentoo.org">Grant Goodyear</mail>
90</author> 93</author>
91<author title="Reviewer"> 94<author title="Reviewer">
108 111
109<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license --> 112<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license -->
110<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/1.0 --> 113<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/1.0 -->
111<license/> 114<license/>
112 115
113<version>1.99</version> 116<version>2.61</version>
114<date>April 2, 2004</date> 117<date>August 01, 2004</date>
115 118
116<part> 119<part>
117<title>Installing Gentoo</title> 120<title>Installing Gentoo</title>
118<abstract> 121<abstract>
119In this part you learn how to install Gentoo on your system. 122In this part you learn how to install Gentoo on your system.
129</chapter> 132</chapter>
130 133
131<chapter> 134<chapter>
132<title>Choosing the Right Installation Medium</title> 135<title>Choosing the Right Installation Medium</title>
133<abstract> 136<abstract>
134You can install Gentoo in many ways. You can use our LiveCD, an existing 137You can install Gentoo in many ways. This chapter explains how to install Gentoo
135distribution etc. 138using a Gentoo LiveCD.
136</abstract> 139</abstract>
137 <include href="hb-install-amd64-medium.xml"/> 140 <include href="hb-install-amd64-medium.xml"/>
138</chapter> 141</chapter>
139 142
140<chapter> 143<chapter>
156</chapter> 159</chapter>
157 160
158<chapter> 161<chapter>
159<title>Installing the Gentoo Installation Files</title> 162<title>Installing the Gentoo Installation Files</title>
160<abstract> 163<abstract>
161Gentoo installs work through socalled stage-files. In this chapter we 164Gentoo installs work through so-called stage-files. In this chapter we
162describe how you extract a stage-file and configure Portage. 165describe how you extract a stage-file and configure Portage.
163</abstract> 166</abstract>
164 <include href="hb-install-stage.xml"/> 167 <include href="hb-install-stage.xml"/>
165</chapter> 168</chapter>
166 169
194</chapter> 197</chapter>
195 198
196<chapter> 199<chapter>
197<title>Configuring the Bootloader</title> 200<title>Configuring the Bootloader</title>
198<abstract> 201<abstract>
199Several bootloaders exist. Each one of them has its own way of 202In this chapter we'll describe the GRUB bootloader
200configuration. In this chapter we'll describe all possibilities for you
201and step you through the process of configuring a bootloader to your 203and step you through the process of configuring GRUB to your
202needs. 204needs.
203</abstract> 205</abstract>
204 <include href="hb-install-amd64-bootloader.xml"/> 206 <include href="hb-install-amd64-bootloader.xml"/>
205</chapter> 207</chapter>
206 208

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