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1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> 1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
2<!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "/dtd/book.dtd"> 2<!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "/dtd/book.dtd">
3 3
4<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/doc/en/handbook/handbook-arm.xml,v 1.62 2006/09/02 08:12:59 vapier Exp $ --> 4<!-- $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo/xml/htdocs/doc/en/handbook/handbook-arm.xml,v 1.72 2010/07/13 20:38:32 nightmorph Exp $ -->
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6<book link="/doc/en/handbook/handbook-arm.xml"> 6<book>
7<title>Gentoo Linux/ARM Handbook</title> 7<title>Gentoo Linux ARM Handbook</title>
8 8
9<values> 9<values>
10 <key id="arch">arm</key> 10 <key id="arch">arm</key>
11 <key id="/boot">/dev/sda1</key>
11 <key id="kernel-version">2.6.17-r5</key> 12 <key id="kernel-version">2.6.17-r5</key>
12 <key id="kernel-name">kernel-2.6.17-gentoo-r5</key> 13 <key id="kernel-name">kernel-2.6.17-gentoo-r5</key>
13</values> 14</values>
14 15
15<author title="Author"> 16<author title="Author">
16 <mail link="swift@gentoo.org">Sven Vermeulen</mail> 17 <mail link="swift@gentoo.org">Sven Vermeulen</mail>
19<author title="Author">
20 <mail link="g2boojum@gentoo.org">Grant Goodyear</mail>
17</author> 21</author>
18<author title="Author"> 22<author title="Author">
19 <mail link="uberlord@gentoo.org">Roy Marples</mail> 23 <mail link="uberlord@gentoo.org">Roy Marples</mail>
20</author> 24</author>
21<author title="Author"> 25<author title="Author">
106</author> 110</author>
107<author title="Editor"> 111<author title="Editor">
108 <mail link="neysx@gentoo.org">Xavier Neys</mail> 112 <mail link="neysx@gentoo.org">Xavier Neys</mail>
109</author> 113</author>
110<author title="Reviewer"> 114<author title="Reviewer">
111 <mail link="g2boojum@gentoo.org">Grant Goodyear</mail>
113<author title="Reviewer">
114 <mail link="gerrynjr@gentoo.org">Gerald J. Normandin Jr.</mail> 115 <mail link="gerrynjr@gentoo.org">Gerald J. Normandin Jr.</mail>
115</author> 116</author>
116<author title="Reviewer"> 117<author title="Reviewer">
117 <mail link="dberkholz@gentoo.org">Donnie Berkholz</mail> 118 <mail link="dberkholz@gentoo.org">Donnie Berkholz</mail>
118</author> 119</author>
131 132
132<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license --> 133<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license -->
133<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 --> 134<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 -->
134<license/> 135<license/>
135 136
136<version>7.0</version> 137<version>9.2</version>
137<date>2006-08-30</date> 138<date>2010-07-13</date>
138 139
139<part> 140<part>
140<title>Installing Gentoo</title> 141<title>Installing Gentoo</title>
141<abstract> 142<abstract>
142In this part you learn how to install Gentoo on your system. 143In this part you learn how to install Gentoo on your system.
143</abstract> 144</abstract>
144 145
145<chapter> 146<chapter>
146<title>About the Gentoo Linux Installation</title> 147<title>About the Gentoo Linux Installation</title>
148This chapter introduces you to the installation approach documented in this
151 <include href="hb-install-about.xml"/> 148 <include href="hb-install-about.xml"/>
152</chapter> 149</chapter>
153 150
154<chapter> 151<chapter>
155<title>Choosing the Right Installation Medium</title> 152<title>Choosing the Right Installation Medium</title>
160 <include href="hb-install-arm-medium.xml"/> 157 <include href="hb-install-arm-medium.xml"/>
161</chapter> 158</chapter>
162 159
163<chapter> 160<chapter>
164<title>Configuring your Network</title> 161<title>Configuring your Network</title>
166To be able to download the latest source code, you will need to setup
169 <include href="hb-install-network.xml"/> 162 <include href="hb-install-network.xml"/>
170</chapter> 163</chapter>
171 164
172<chapter> 165<chapter>
173<title>Preparing the Disks</title> 166<title>Preparing the Disks</title>
178 <include href="hb-install-arm-disk.xml"/> 171 <include href="hb-install-arm-disk.xml"/>
179</chapter> 172</chapter>
180 173
181<chapter> 174<chapter>
182<title>Installing the Gentoo Installation Files</title> 175<title>Installing the Gentoo Installation Files</title>
184Gentoo installs work through a stage3 archive. In this chapter we
185describe how you extract the stage3 archive and configure Portage.
187 <include href="hb-install-stage.xml"/> 176 <include href="hb-install-stage.xml"/>
188</chapter> 177</chapter>
189 178
190<chapter> 179<chapter>
191<title>Installing the Gentoo Base System</title> 180<title>Installing the Gentoo Base System</title>
193After installing and configuring a stage3, the eventual result is that you
194have a Gentoo base system at your disposal. This chapter describes how
195to progress to that stadium.
197 <include href="hb-install-system.xml"/> 181 <include href="hb-install-system.xml"/>
198</chapter> 182</chapter>
199 183
200<chapter> 184<chapter>
201<title>Configuring the Kernel</title> 185<title>Configuring the Kernel</title>
206 <include href="hb-install-arm-kernel.xml"/> 190 <include href="hb-install-arm-kernel.xml"/>
207</chapter> 191</chapter>
208 192
209<chapter> 193<chapter>
210<title>Configuring your System</title> 194<title>Configuring your System</title>
212You need to edit some important configuration files. In this chapter
213you receive an overview of these files and an explanation on how to
216 <include href="hb-install-config.xml"/> 195 <include href="hb-install-config.xml"/>
217</chapter> 196</chapter>
218 197
219<chapter> 198<chapter>
220<title>Installing Necessary System Tools</title> 199<title>Installing Necessary System Tools</title>
222As mentioned before, Gentoo is about choices. In this chapter we help you
223choose and install some important tools.
225 <include href="hb-install-tools.xml"/> 200 <include href="hb-install-tools.xml"/>
226</chapter> 201</chapter>
227 202
228<chapter> 203<chapter>
229<title>Configuring the Bootloader</title> 204<title>Configuring the Bootloader</title>
230<abstract> 205<abstract>
231Due to the wide variety of embedded systems that use the ARM processor, we may 206Due to the wide variety of embedded systems that use the ARM processor, we may
232not cover your bootloader. Currently we cover NeTTrom used in NetWinders and 207not cover your bootloader.
233RedBoot used in NSLU2s.
234</abstract> 208</abstract>
235 <include href="hb-install-arm-bootloader.xml"/> 209 <include href="hb-install-arm-bootloader.xml"/>
236</chapter> 210</chapter>
237 211
238<chapter> 212<chapter>
239<title>Finalizing your Gentoo Installation</title> 213<title>Finalizing your Gentoo Installation</title>
241You're almost done. We'll just create one (or more) users for your
244 <include href="hb-install-finalise.xml"/> 214 <include href="hb-install-finalise.xml"/>
245</chapter> 215</chapter>
246 216
247<chapter> 217<chapter>
248<title>Where to go from here?</title> 218<title>Where to go from here?</title>
250Now you have your Gentoo system, but what's next?
252 <include href="hb-install-next.xml"/> 219 <include href="hb-install-next.xml"/>
253</chapter> 220</chapter>
254</part> 221</part>
255 222
256<part> 223<part>
260Portage behaviour etc. 227Portage behaviour etc.
261</abstract> 228</abstract>
262 229
263<chapter> 230<chapter>
264<title>A Portage Introduction</title> 231<title>A Portage Introduction</title>
266This chapter explains the "simple" steps a user definitely needs to know to
267maintain the software on his system.
269 <include href="hb-working-portage.xml"/> 232 <include href="hb-working-portage.xml"/>
270</chapter> 233</chapter>
271 234
272<chapter> 235<chapter>
273<title>USE flags</title> 236<title>USE flags</title>
275USE-flags are a very important aspect of Gentoo. In this chapter, you learn to
276work with USE-flags and understand how USE-flags interact with your system.
278 <include href="hb-working-use.xml"/> 237 <include href="hb-working-use.xml"/>
279</chapter> 238</chapter>
280 239
281<chapter> 240<chapter>
282<title>Portage Features</title> 241<title>Portage Features</title>
284Discover the features Portage has, such as support for distributed compiling,
285ccache and more.
287 <include href="hb-working-features.xml"/> 242 <include href="hb-working-features.xml"/>
288</chapter> 243</chapter>
289 244
290<chapter> 245<chapter>
291<title>Initscripts</title> 246<title>Initscripts</title>
293Gentoo uses a special initscript format which, amongst other features, allows
294dependency-driven decisions and virtual initscripts. This chapter explains all
295these aspects and explains how to deal with these scripts.
297 <include href="hb-working-rcscripts.xml"/> 247 <include href="hb-working-rcscripts.xml"/>
298</chapter> 248</chapter>
299 249
300<chapter> 250<chapter>
301<title>Environment Variables</title> 251<title>Environment Variables</title>
303With Gentoo you can easily manage the environment variables for your system.
304This chapter explains how you do that, and also describes frequently used
307 <include href="hb-working-variables.xml"/> 252 <include href="hb-working-variables.xml"/>
308</chapter> 253</chapter>
309</part> 254</part>
310 255
311<part> 256<part>
315Software Management Tool. 260Software Management Tool.
316</abstract> 261</abstract>
317 262
318<chapter> 263<chapter>
319<title>Files and Directories</title> 264<title>Files and Directories</title>
321Once you want to know Portage in-depth you need to know where it stores its
322files and data.
324 <include href="hb-portage-files.xml"/> 265 <include href="hb-portage-files.xml"/>
325</chapter> 266</chapter>
326 267
327<chapter> 268<chapter>
328<title>Configuring through Variables</title> 269<title>Configuring through Variables</title>
330Portage is completely configurable through various variables you can set in the
331configuration file or as environment variable.
333 <include href="hb-portage-configuration.xml"/> 270 <include href="hb-portage-configuration.xml"/>
334</chapter> 271</chapter>
335 272
336<chapter> 273<chapter>
337<title>Mixing Software Branches</title> 274<title>Mixing Software Branches</title>
339Gentoo provides software separated in several branches, depending on stability
340and architectural support. "Mixing Software Branches" inform you how these
341branches can be configured and how you can override this separation
344 <include href="hb-portage-branches.xml"/> 275 <include href="hb-portage-branches.xml"/>
345</chapter> 276</chapter>
346 277
347<chapter> 278<chapter>
348<title>Additional Portage Tools</title> 279<title>Additional Portage Tools</title>
350Portage comes with a few extra tools that might make your Gentoo experience even
351better. Read on to discover how to use dispatch-conf and other tools.
353 <include href="hb-portage-tools.xml"/> 280 <include href="hb-portage-tools.xml"/>
354</chapter> 281</chapter>
355 282
356<chapter> 283<chapter>
357<title>Diverting from the Official Tree</title> 284<title>Diverting from the Official Tree</title>
359"Diverting from the Official Tree" gives you some tips and tricks on how to use
360your own Portage tree, how to synchronise only the categories you want, inject
361packages and more.
363 <include href="hb-portage-diverttree.xml"/> 285 <include href="hb-portage-diverttree.xml"/>
364</chapter> 286</chapter>
365</part> 287</part>
366 288
367<part> 289<part>
368<title>Gentoo Network Configuration</title> 290<title>Gentoo Network Configuration</title>
369<abstract>A comprehensive guide to Networking in Gentoo.</abstract> 291<abstract>A comprehensive guide to Networking in Gentoo.</abstract>
370 292
371<chapter> 293<chapter>
372<title>Getting Started</title> 294<title>Getting Started</title>
374A guide to quickly get your network interface up and running in most common
377<include href="hb-net-start.xml"/> 295<include href="hb-net-start.xml"/>
378</chapter> 296</chapter>
379 297
380<chapter> 298<chapter>
381<title>Advanced Configuration</title> 299<title>Advanced Configuration</title>
383Here we learn about how the configuration works - you need to know this
384before we learn about modular networking.
386<include href="hb-net-advanced.xml"/> 300<include href="hb-net-advanced.xml"/>
387</chapter> 301</chapter>
388 302
389<chapter> 303<chapter>
390<title>Modular Networking</title> 304<title>Modular Networking</title>
392Gentoo provides you flexible networking - here you are told about choosing
393different DHCP clients, setting up bonding, bridging, VLANs and more.
395<include href="hb-net-modules.xml"/> 305<include href="hb-net-modules.xml"/>
396</chapter> 306</chapter>
397 307
398<chapter> 308<chapter>
399<title>Wireless Networking</title> 309<title>Wireless Networking</title>
401Wireless isn't straight-forward. Hopefully we'll get you working!
403<include href="hb-net-wireless.xml"/> 310<include href="hb-net-wireless.xml"/>
404</chapter> 311</chapter>
405 312
406<chapter> 313<chapter>
407<title>Adding Functionality</title> 314<title>Adding Functionality</title>
409If you're feeling adventurous, you can add your own functions to networking.
411<include href="hb-net-functions.xml"/> 315<include href="hb-net-functions.xml"/>
412</chapter> 316</chapter>
413 317
414<chapter> 318<chapter>
415<title>Network Management</title> 319<title>Network Management</title>
417For laptop users or people who move their computer around different networks.
419<include href="hb-net-management.xml"/> 320<include href="hb-net-management.xml"/>
420</chapter> 321</chapter>
421</part> 322</part>
422 323
423</book> 324</book>

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