User Administration

useradd and passwd.

Reboot and Enjoy Rebooting

Title sais it all. Warn that OldWorld PPC users will reboot in macOS as their bootloader isn't configured yet.

Optional: Configuring BootX This part is only for PPC-users who want to use BootX as bootloader. All other readers should skip this part.

Now your machine is booted in MacOS, open the BootX control panel. Select Options, and uncheck Used specified RAM disk. When you return to the BootX main screen, you will now find an option to specify your machine's root disk and partition. Fill these in with the appropriate values.

BootX can be configured to start Linux upon boot. If you do this, you will first see your machine boot into MacOS then, during startup, BootX will load and start Linux. See the BootX home page for more information.

Optional: Install Extra Packages

Warn about GRP only. Install xfree, mozilla etc.