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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd"> 2<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
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5<guide link="/doc/en/jffnms.xml" lang="en"> 5<guide link="/doc/en/jffnms.xml" lang="en">
6<title>Jffnms Installation and Setup Guide</title> 6<title>Jffnms Installation and Setup Guide</title>
7 7
8<author title="Author"> 8<author title="Author">
17 17
18<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license --> 18<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license -->
19<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 --> 19<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5 -->
20<license/> 20<license/>
21 21
22<version>1.1</version> 22<version>1.2</version>
23<date>2006-04-25</date> 23<date>2006-11-18</date>
24 24
25<chapter> 25<chapter>
26<title>Jffms Basics</title> 26<title>Jffms Basics</title>
27<section> 27<section>
28<title>Introduction</title> 28<title>Introduction</title>
254 * postgresql added to runlevel default 254 * postgresql added to runlevel default
255 * rc-update complete. 255 * rc-update complete.
256</pre> 256</pre>
257 257
258<p> 258<p>
259Now, you must prepare PostgreSQL directories. This is done through the 259Now you must setup the PostgreSQL database.
260<c>initdb</c> command. By default, PostgreSQL data directories are generally
261stored in <path>/var/lib/postgresql/data</path>.
265The following command must be run with your PostgreSQL user. By default this
266user is generally called "postgres".
269<pre caption="Preparing PostgreSQL Directories">
270# <i>su - postgres</i>
271$ <i>initdb -D /var/lib/postgresql/data</i>
272The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "postgres".
273This user must also own the server process.
275The database cluster will be initialized with locale C.
277creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data ... ok
278creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/global ... ok
279creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/pg_xlog ... ok
280creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/pg_xlog/archive_status ... ok
281creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/pg_clog ... ok
282creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/pg_subtrans ... ok
283creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/base ... ok
284creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/base/1 ... ok
285creating directory /var/lib/postgresql/data/pg_tblspc ... ok
286selecting default max_connections ... 100
287selecting default shared_buffers ... 1000
288creating configuration files ... ok
289creating template1 database in /var/lib/postgresql/data/base/1 ... ok
290initializing pg_shadow ... ok
291enabling unlimited row size for system tables ... ok
292initializing pg_depend ... ok
293creating system views ... ok
294loading pg_description ... ok
295creating conversions ... ok
296setting privileges on built-in objects ... ok
297creating information schema ... ok
298vacuuming database template1 ... ok
299copying template1 to template0 ... ok
301WARNING: enabling "trust" authentication for local connections
302You can change this by editing pg_hba.conf or using the -A option the
303next time you run initdb.
305Success. You can now start the database server using:
307 postmaster -D /var/lib/postgresql/data
309 pg_ctl -D /var/lib/postgresql/data -l logfile start
312<p> 260</p>
313If initdb was successfully executed, you can go back to your root user and 261
262<pre caption="Preparing PostgreSQL">
263# <i>emerge --config postgresql</i>
314start PostgreSQL. 267Now start PostgreSQL:
315</p> 268</p>
316 269
317<pre caption="Starting PostgreSQL"> 270<pre caption="Starting PostgreSQL">
318# <i>/etc/init.d/postgresql start</i> 271# <i>/etc/init.d/postgresql start</i>
319</pre> 272</pre>

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