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4<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd"> 4<!DOCTYPE guide SYSTEM "/dtd/guide.dtd">
5<guide link="/doc/en/kernel-upgrade.xml"> 5<guide link="/doc/en/kernel-upgrade.xml">
6<title>Gentoo Linux Kernel Upgrade Guide</title> 6<title>Gentoo Linux Kernel Upgrade Guide</title>
7<author title="Author"> 7<author title="Author">
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16<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license --> 16<!-- The content of this document is licensed under the CC-BY-SA license -->
17<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0 --> 17<!-- See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0 -->
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20<version>0.1.5</version> 20<version>0.1.6</version>
21<date>2005-05-25</date> 21<date>2005-06-04</date>
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23<chapter> 23<chapter>
24<title>Introduction</title> 24<title>Introduction</title>
25<section> 25<section>
26<body> 26<body>
117<title>Updating the /usr/src/linux symbolic link</title> 117<title>Updating the /usr/src/linux symbolic link</title>
118<section> 118<section>
119<body> 119<body>
120 120
121<p> 121<p>
122Gentoo requires you to maintain a symbolic link, located at 122Gentoo requires that the <path>/usr/src/linux</path> symbolic link points to
123<path>/usr/src/linux</path>. This should point to the sources of the 123the sources of the kernel you are running.
124kernel you are running.
127<p> 124</p>
128In any case, we need to update the symbolic link to point at the kernel 125
129sources that we are about to upgrade to. Continuing our example:
130</p> 126<p>
127Portage can update the symlink automatically when you emerge new kernel
128sources. All you have to do is add the <c>symlink</c> flag to the USE variable
129in <path>/etc/make.conf</path>.
131 131
132<pre caption="Example of USE variable in /etc/make.conf">
133<comment>(Add the symlink keyword)</comment>
134USE="<i>symlink</i> x86 3dnow 3dnowex X aac aalib adns alsa apache2"
138If you really want to do it yourself, the following example shows you how to
139make the link point to <path>linux-2.6.9-gentoo-r2</path>:
132<pre caption="Updating the /usr/src/linux softlink"> 142<pre caption="Updating the /usr/src/linux softlink manually">
133# <i>cd /usr/src</i> 143# <i>cd /usr/src</i>
134# <i>ln -sfn linux-2.6.9-gentoo-r2 linux</i> 144# <i>ln -sfn linux-2.6.9-gentoo-r2 linux</i>
135</pre> 145</pre>
136 146
137</body> 147</body>

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