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5<title>Gentoo Linux Source Mirrors Policy</title> 5<title>Gentoo Linux Source Mirrors Policy</title>
6<author title="Author"><mail link="klieber@gentoo.org">Kurt Lieber</mail></author> 6<author title="Author"><mail link="klieber@gentoo.org">Kurt Lieber</mail></author>
7 7
8<version>1.1</version> 8<version>1.1</version>
9<date>17 Feb 2003</date> 9<date>17 Feb 2003</date>
10 12
11<chapter> 13<chapter>
12<title>Requirements</title> 14<title>Requirements</title>
13<section> 15<section>
14<title>Minimum Bandwidth</title> 16<title>Minimum Bandwidth</title>
24</body> 26</body>
25</section> 27</section>
26<section> 28<section>
27<title>Update Frequency</title> 29<title>Update Frequency</title>
28<body> 30<body>
29<p>All mirrors must be synchronized every four hours, starting at midnight, UTC.</p> 31<p>All mirrors must be synchronized every four hours, starting at midnight in your local time zone. This helps distribute the load out over a period of time, rather than having all mirrors synchronize at the same time.</p>
30</body> 32</body>
31</section> 33</section>
32</chapter> 34</chapter>
33<chapter> 35<chapter>
34<title>Implementation details</title> 36<title>Implementation details</title>

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